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  1. dkookypunk43

    AEW Dynamite - July 7th, 2021 - On The Road Again

    I loved the pacing of this show and it was hot from start to finish. I really like how Black debuted and the main event tag was very entertaining.
  2. dkookypunk43

    GWE Non-Thread Worthy Comments

    Then I'm putting some new wrestlers in consideration and then doing a bunch of vs via this app to help organize my list. https://czeckd.github.io/preference-revealer/dist/ This is a way to help you rank people if you're having trouble I did this with my top 100 of 2016 and here were my results
  3. dkookypunk43

    Questions for the GWE Podcast

    How will the Four Pillars of AJPW do in 2026? Will they lower, do about the same or rise a little bit?
  4. dkookypunk43

    AJ Styles

    I had him at 45 in 2016 I wrote this in my evaluations doc AJ got up this high in 2016 based on the strength of the NJPW run and the early parts of his WWE run when he was tearing it up night in and out. Since 2016, he had a killer 1.5 years in WWE and then he’s faltered a bit and it’s not his fault as he’s aging and his level of push but I feel it might hurt him in the 2026 round of voting. The timing of the 2016 vote was almost as well timed as when he jumped ship. I still think there’s a lot of overlooked TNA stuff that he was in and the hyped stuff still holds up. I think he’s become a savvy veteran. TRENDING: EVEN EVALUATION POINTS: TNA, NJPW, EARLY WWE RUN
  5. I'm finding watching someone's greatest hits easiest. I find the group watches really really helpful and I like watching the high end output like Micro. I also am going to taking slowly to start and then ramp it up when I have more time at certain points of the year
  6. dkookypunk43

    Kazuchika Okada

    Yeah he sort of needs that invader role but I think he's a top tier candidate without that for me
  7. dkookypunk43

    Tyler Bate

    He's a wait and see guy with me. He's accomplished a lot in a short period of time but not given much opportunity to shine. Wish he was on the Indies to see his resume fully build out because I don't see that happening in WWE
  8. Social Suplex Podcast Network Great Match Generator Episode 13| RedCircle Great Match Generator Episode 13 Danny and Matt talk about the following matches plus Greatest Wrestler Ever Discussion : Jerry Lawler vs. Dutch Mantell (CWA - 3/29/1982) Kazuchika Okada vs Kenny Omega (NJPW - 8/12/2017) Ric Flair vs. Blackjack Mulligan (Texas Death - JCP - 10/23/1978) Bret Hart vs. Davey Boy Smith (WWF - 8/29/1992) Greatest Match Ever Greatest Wrestler Ever Discussion Danny on Twitter Matt on Twitter
  9. dkookypunk43

    Daniel Bryan

    Daniel Bryan has the most diverse range of a wrestler I've ever seen he can be in the most technical of technical wrestling matches, the brawling is excellent he can be in comedy he just does it all with just Grace and flare that no one else can. I voted him number one in 2016 because I thought it made sense that he was the greatest wrestler I've ever seen and I thought a lot of people would have thought that. I'm glad that a lot of people are coming around to this thinking now. Bryan is so well-rounded and it's so good at every aspect of wrestling that it's undeniable
  10. dkookypunk43

    Kazuchika Okada

    For me okada is a top 10 lock unless there's a real bad decline and I don't think there's going to be a real bad decline. Looking back on this I should have made this one post but here I am
  11. dkookypunk43

    Kazuchika Okada

    To me if you're harping on 2021 okada then you're missing the point here prime okada is from 2012 to 2019 and it's a 7-year run of excellence and straight banger after banger after banger in my opinion. Even going back and watching like the tanahashi matches and the stuff with the Suzuki and going back to his earlier stuff he built his matches around his earlier stuff brilliantly. Yeah he is a bit lazy in tags and I wish his tag performances were better but I point to the osprey one with omega and ibushi and that matches brilliant. I don't think any wrestler could have taken okada's place and had the same success as he had. He has a certain charisma about him and a certain charm about his matches that really connect with both the Japanese and the western audience
  12. dkookypunk43

    Kazuchika Okada

    Just for context I watched the Okada-Omega G1 B Block Final for my latest episode of Great Match Generator that is dropping on Friday and man does that match still hold up. As a 25 minute blow for blow, balls to the wall sprint it doesn't get any better. I feel as if okada connects to me in every way possible as a pro wrestler and I feel the match structure and the way he moves in a match is awesome. That matches close to the Shibata match to me though to be Fair I haven't watched the Shibata match in 5 years. Okada has a case for number one and I will get into a more nuanced case later but I feel very strongly about this and living through that era of New Japan Pro wrestling was the most exciting thing for me as a fan because I wasn't around for the attitude era or '90s all Japan or any of that so this is my era. Can I definitively say he's an all-time great? Yes but on the Mount Rushmore I have to examine that. And to be saying that about a man who is 34 years old and is still wrestling at a very high level is top notch
  13. dkookypunk43

    Bruno Sammartino

    I'll say something about Bruno I really like about his matches, when he's on offense he's got a sense of urgency and a purpose about his movements in the ring. I really like that in the a wrestler, he has natural instincts and will watch more but from the 3 matches I just watched I really liked this
  14. UPDATED: I updated the Terry Funk, Tully, Vader, and Fujiwara. I'm going to try my best to update a few each night