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  1. dkookypunk43

    Random Match Generator

    No problem, I'm just curious how much work it would take to make something like that
  2. dkookypunk43

    Random Match Generator

    Hey Guys, I was thinking and I know there are WWE Network generators that spew a random match but what if we had that for this site and for watching a match that's totally random. I'm by no means a computer whiz but I'm thinking it would take all the matches from the discussion board and put it into a generator. IDK how long that would take for the database and it to be updated as well. What are some ideas you have
  3. https://anchor.fm/GetintheRing/episodes/Get-in-the-Ring-51519-e42l8g Danny and Beast Mike return to talk AEW TV Deal, WWE and NJPW Best of the Super Juniors. We also watch numbers 100 and 99 of the Greatest Match Ever Project. To participate and see the list go to https://gweproject.freeforums.net/
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  7. dkookypunk43

    Pro Wrestling Love: Greatest Match Ever Project

    I have enjoyed your work throughout the volumes and am a fan of your blog. Keep up the good work
  8. I love this podcast. Very engaging and fun
  9. My debut article for Fansided's Daily DDT 'The Elite Signing to WWE Would Be More Interesting Than You Think' via @fansided https://dailyddt.com/2018/11/01/elite-wwe-could-be-interesting/
  10. Hey Guys, Meet The Press Slam is BACK and Better than ever with two shows. I will also be going live weekly from 10 to 11 AM on www.montcoradio.com with Morgan Killian Mosely. The first episode I recorded one with Lavie Margolin, author of Trump Mania, and recorded one on Montco Radio. MTPS with Lavie Margolin http://shoutengine.com/MeetThePressSlamVolume2/meet-the-press-slam-with-lavie-margolin-67806 MTPS LIVE with Morgan Killian Mosely http://shoutengine.com/MeetThePressSlamVolume2/meet-the-press-slam-live-episode-1-67807
  11. Thank you, more to come!!!
  12. It's here, https://www.prowrestlingonly.com/blog/podcast-wrestling-matchus-episode-1 The first episode of Wrestling MatchUs presents a new and fun offer to the wrestling podcast world. Each week Danny and Joe select matches and watch them and invite you to watch along as we comment and provide background to the matches we're watching. We first talk about how the project came to be and how we became wrestling fans. Matches we watched: Kenta Kobashi, Johnny Ace & The Patriot vs Steve Williams, Gary Albright & Lacrosse (AJPW 06-06-97) Hector Garza vs Psicosis (WCW Thunder 02-25-99) Hideo Itami vs Naomichi Marufuji (NOAH 09-01-18) YouTube Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqHewCqKceukIZ6WhAWtkBen-I6Zp2Jpx
  13. WrestlingMatchUs is a weekly Twitch stream and audio podcast that explores wrestling and invites you to watch along with hosts Danny Kuchler (dkookypunk43 on PWO) and Joe (Richeyedwards on PWO). Each week, you'll catch our reaction to the selected matches in real time -- often the very first time! This is a unique show because not only can you listen, but can also follow along I'm glad to announce that our podcasting home will be the Pro Wrestling Only podcast feed We start streaming this Friday at 6 PM and the recordings will be saved to twitch for two weeks. I will also have a Youtube where we will save the recordings as well. I am working out the kinks right now and hopefully Friday goes smoothly http://www.twitch.tv/wrestlingmatchus http://www.twitter.com/WrestleMatchUs
  14. I'm learning my way around discord and I think it's a perfect medium for something cool to be done on it. If you're interested in helping me form and get people on a discord it would be great.. The medium not only has text chats, but also voice chats for people wanting to talk. I feel it's better than Twitter where people easily get misunderstood. I would be committed to learning my way around it and moderating something to that effect. https://discord.gg/WMAQzaN

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