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[2001-02-17-CZW-Break on Thru] Mark & Jay Briscoe vs VD (Jon Dahmer & Eddie Valentine)


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Eric Gargiulo is at it again with the Brisco/Briscoe brother ‘jokes’, talking about them being NWA tag team champions and their classic feud with Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood!  VD jump the Briscoes from behind, but the brothers duck under double clotheslines and take them down with stereo springboard moonsault body blocks.  Gargiulo must be on an old NWA binge, now comparing Dahmer to Ole Anderson, saying how he isolates a body part like Ole used to (although I think it’s more due to the fact that Dahmer has similar facial hair).  Jay counters the tilt-a-whirl with a neckbreaker and then looks to the crowd for some appreciation.  Double Japanese arm drag meets ‘Spanish Fly’ on Valentine, and the Briscoes follow that up with a double standing moonsault.  The official refuses to count citing that there wasn’t a tag, and Dahmer is in to help his partner out.  Stereo release German suplexes by VD.  Dahmer with a spinebuster on Jay before they pinch the Filthy Animals’ ‘Nutcracker’ (with Valentine being the one to deliver the top rope leg drop to the groin).  Torture rack by Valentine who then slams Jay hard, chest first, to the canvas.  After getting the heat on Jay for the past few minutes, Mark just enters the ring as VD are setting him for another double team manoeuvre and DDT’s Valentine from the top turnbuckle to the mat.  DDT by Jay on Dahmer and the match has all of a sudden turned around with the brothers now the ones in control.  Huracanrana, dropkick, and after both Jay was looking for some sort of acknowledgment from the crowd.  Double ‘Rock Bottom’ as Valentine gets a shoulder up in the nick of time.  ‘Rolling Hills’, top rope senton, moonsault sequence and rather than make the cover they’re at it again playing to the fans.  Have they been watching videos of Rob Van Dam in the week leading up to this?  Jay eventually does so and Dahmer is in for the save.  He gets tossed to the outside where Jay levels him with a corkscrew suicide dive.  Tope by Valentine and a high springboard plancha from Mark.  The brothers aren’t quite done, climbing to opposite turnbuckles for stereo flip dives to the floor.  The action returns back inside and Dahmer with an awesome double Saito suplex on both Briscoes.  ‘Pumphandle Erosion’ and Dewey Donovan is up on the apron distracting VD.  The two of them grab him, but he waffles them with his briefcase.  A pair of roll ups with Jay utilising the Tim Horner natural bridge and the Briscoes get the win.  There seemed to be a little dissension in camp Donovan post-match, with the brothers not too happy about his interference, even if it did ultimately lead to the victory for them.

As a match this was all over the place (for example why even bother with a heat section if Mark is just going to run in after a few minutes, while on other occasions Mark was just stood around in the ring looking like a lemon) and ended up feeling like a showcase for what the Briscoes can do.  VD don’t offer much while Dahmer, Saito suplex aside, is plain bad.  I know they’re only teenagers but they need to get out of the habit of playing to the crowd after every sodding move.  For the CZW crowd this worked as an opener to get them into the show, and it’s always fascinating to see what the Briscoes will pull out next.

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Dahmer sucks but I thought this was a good opener to get the crowd engaged right away. Briscoes do clamor to the crowd a bunch but I thought they executed their moves more crisply here than the week before vs Red and Maximo. I think the 2/10 CZW showed potential of what the promotion could bring as far as a variety of matches and some up and coming potential. This show goes a step forward and is classified by me as an actually good show. This kickstarted that. *** (5.8) 

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