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[2001-09-01-ZERO-ONE] Shinjiro Ohtani vs Daisuke Sekimoto

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This was a fun sprint with a babyfaced Sekimoto and blonde Ohtani being stiff and surly. Loved the buckwild opening with Sekimoto going after Ohtani, spearing him on the facewash attempt and dumping him with a release German. Ohtani biting the thumb to escape a chinlock is a nice transition into him being real mean with his baseball dropkicks and slaps, busting open Sekimoto's mouth. Sekimoto's chops are loud and proud and he gets a couple of two counts off lariats but this is Ohtani's show. Swan-dive dropkick, dragon suplex, powerbomb, and finishing him off with his King Cobra Clutch. 

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