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[2001-09-15-ZERO-ONE] Shinya Hashimoto & YoshiakI Fujiwara vs Daisuke Ikeda & Takashi Sugiura

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A pretty good but disappointing tag match considering the names involved. There were definitely some cool moments with Fujiwara being the standout of the match. I liked his early lock ups with Ikeda and them throwing stuff like Fujiwara's big slap in the corner and Ikeda's crumpling head kick. Sugiura was the clunky, hothead amateur in there against Hashimoto but worked really well against Fujiwara. Loved Fujiwara's boot scrape to the face to counter the triangle into a leglock and Sugiura throwing Fujiwara with a couple of overhead suplexes. The outside stuff was whatever, Sugiura's selling wasn't very good, and there wasn't enough Ikeda/Hashimoto interactions. Sugiura's able to deliver a nice German suplex hold on Hashimoto before Hashimoto finishes him off. 

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