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[2001-09-15-ZERO-ONE] Tatsuhito Takaiwa & Naohiro Hoshikawa vs Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Kentaro Shiga

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This took a little while to get going with the ZERO1 boys beating on the NOAH juniors but it heats up a bit when Hoshikawa and Kanemaru start taking it to each other. Hoshikawa plays a good sympathetic babyface, Takaiwa the asskicker. Kanemaru heels it up later in the match with the wrist tape chokes and lowblows and Shiga is awkward and not great but he has some good fire throughout. I love Takaiwa's dirty single leg crab. Team NOAH isolates Hoshikawa for awhile before Takaiwa gets the hot tag and tries to finish off Kanemaru. Really fun finishing stretch with both Shiga and Takaiwa making some big saves. Kanemaru's school boy nearfall was awesome and Hoshikawa's snap Northern Lights suplex hold is a thing of beauty. He and Shiga finish it out and Shiga keeps coming back with his goofy swinging DDTs and pulls off the submission win over Hoshikawa. 

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