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[2000-11-23-IWA-PR-Bruiser Brody Memorial] YoshihiroTajiri vs Ricky Banderas vs Pain vs TNT


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The clipping of this was another fabulous job done by RF as we see Tajiri take Banderas to task for a few minutes before we get full entrances for everyone and the four way starts. No idea what was the crux of the altercation between Tajiri and Banderas and if that was a part of the match or after the four way or what. I didn’t get much out of the four way as adding everyone bogged things down but Tajiri goes on a spirited rampage halfway through and destroys everyone in entertaining fashion. Finishing run has the other competitors showing some more but only Banderas seems like someone willing to hang with Tajiri and overall, I don’t think we got max effort from any of the guys here. Banderas ends up pinning Tajiri after a flag shot which was fairly lame. We then get a jump clip to TNT misting Pain and winning overall. **1/4


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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-11-23-IWA-PR-Bruiser Brody Memorial] YoshihiroTajiri vs Ricky Banderas vs Pain vs TNT
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Not sure whether this one is first pinfall or elimination rules, sure that’ll become clear as we go along.  Jeez, Feinstein is moving back and forth between the two pairs of wrestlers so quickly it’s like he’s filming a Tennis match.  “You suck” chants aimed at Pain, the Puerto Rican fans astute with their judgment of him.  Tajiri gets thrown to the outside as Banderas and Pain then team up against TNT.  Banderas with a frog splash, leaping off Pain’s shoulders so he’s coming from higher than the top turnbuckle.  Pain gets brought to his knees by a flurry of lightning fast Tajiri strikes before ‘the Buzzsaw’ traps Banderas in the Tarantula.  TNT breaks up a Banderas STF on Tajiri, it being fought more like a Tornado tag match, the faces and heels sticking together.  At least so far anyway.  Great spinning heel kick in the corner by TNT, going over the top rope himself and the momentum of the kick sending Pain over too.  Tajiri misses the wheel kick as Banderas hangs onto the ropes, he then blasts him with the Puerto Rican flag and covers him for the three.  The match is continuing so elimination rules it is.  Those eliminations comes pretty quickly from there, Pain pinning Banderas following a chokeslam (this after he’d broken up a TNT pin for some daft reason) and finally TNT putting Pain away with a thrust kick, this after he had misted him to escape the chokeslam.  A glamorous looking lady enters the ring for the presentations, handing over the Bruiser Brody Memorial Cup to TNT.

I think I had a different version to Chad as there was none of RF’s bizarre clipping that can plague his fancams.  Predictable outcome with TNT getting the win here.  I did a bit of digging on Pain because with his size (6’9”) you would think the WWF would’ve had some interest in him, as it is Cagematch only has thirteen matches listed for him, all bar three from November and December 2000.  Not that he’s any good and there is some noticeable back acne, but considering they signed the likes of Russ McCullough, Nathan Jones, Kip Christianson etc. you would’ve thought he would be a shoe in.

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