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[1981-10-07-Joint Promotions] Jim Breaks vs Kamakazi


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Breaks starts before the bell has even rung, annoyed that Kamakazi was introduced first he informs MC Brian Crabtree that as he is a champion shouldn't he be introduced first?  Kent Walton informs us that Kamazaki is oriental, when he is in fact a masked Maurice Hunter.  This is probably one of the worst matches that I have seen involving Breaks and I can only put that down to Kamakazi, who has some nice spots but that is pretty much it.  Masked wrestlers were quite a novelty over here, but even that can't disguise how bland and boring Kamakazi is.  A round is edited out and as the bout is tied at one fall apiece, Kamakazi takes a tumble to the floor appearing to have fallen between the top and middle ropes as he tries to come off them.  The match at that point is then stopped with Kamakazi unable to continue, a lacklustre finish to what was a lacklustre match in general.  The highlight is probably after the bout when referee Jeff Kaye points out Kamakazi did injure himself and it was nothing to do with Jim Breaks, and in this instance the opponent has the option of accepting the decision (ie taking the win) or refusing it (so the bout is declared a no contest).  Crabtree asks Breaks what he wants to do, and in a heartbeat he accepts the win.

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