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Heroes of World Class


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I finally was able to watch this, and.........wow.


I mean, everyone knows the stories about the Von Erichs and assorted other deaths that lead to the downfall of the company, but to hear it from the people involved was something else.


Things that stood out for me:



After hearing Kevin talk about his grandfather, it starts to make a whole lot more sense why Fritz was the way he was.


Gary Hart may be the coolest person in wrestling history not named Rick Rude. He was pretty much the only one still not sucking up to Fritz after all these years. He could barely hide the disgust when telling the story of the booking meeting where he realized that A. Mike Von Erich was missing and B. They had a suicide note, but they weren't releasing it to the media because there was a big show coming up and didn't want bad press.


Kevin is in an extreme state of denial/shock/grief. That probably is no surprise, but to hear him go to great lengths to excuse a cancer riddled Fritz pointing a gun at him ( the same 44 Kerry shot himself with) while saying he didn't have the guts to kill himself like his brothers, sounded exactly like a battered wife.


In a twist that I found funny, the only person still alive who doesn't look like complete shit now is Skandar Akbar. He looked like he walked out of a 1984 World Class taping to do his portion of the documentary.


When Kevin was taking the tour of the Sportatorium before it was razed, there was something about the way he suddenly said "well I think I've seen my fill" that kinda creeped me out. Its as if being in that building made him deal with some ghosts that he had set up quite a few mental barriers against.

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