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[1914-1918-British Pathe] "British Champion V Canadian Champion"


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British Pathe
"British Champion V Canadian Champion"
FILM ID: 1912.15



British champion v Canadian champion - CSM Jim Essen, Sergeant Pete Brannon at 3rd East Lancashire Division Sports. 

Military Wrestling; in World War One. British Champion vs. Canadian Champion. C.S. Major Jim Essen beats Sgt. Pete Brannon at 3rd East Lancashire. Division Sports. Fairly close shot of wrestlers on the mat; with several other soldiers sitting or lying on the grass around. 2 men struggle for some time; locked together; then one throws other over; they come at each other again. Shot of one man holding the other pinned down on the mat; as the referee kneels beside them and counts. They get up. CU wrestler; now with robe on; pours liquor from bottle into glass; drinks; he is surrounded by other soldiers. He hands the glass to another guy.


  1. Jimmy Esson vs Pete Brannon (1914-1918) (Discuss)
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