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[1988-06-08-All Star Wrestling] Jim Breaks vs Peter Bainbridge


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Breaks is only wrestling part time at this point spending most of the time running his pub in Batley, whilst Bainbridge is just 16 and resembles Danny Collins with acne.  This is a crafty veteran versus rookie bout with Breaks controlling the majority of the match.  There seemed more of Breaks' schtick than usual in this one with plenty of interaction with the crowd (telling some lady that 'I'm paying your pension!'), the referee (a closed fist to the face of Bainbridge, sees the youngster retaliate with one of his own, Breaks isn't happy 'you ought to give somebody a public warning!', 'do you know how to give public warnings?', the ref gives one to Breaks) and even the MC.  Bainbridge gets a flash first fall, schoolboy tripping Breaks as he comes off the ropes and rolling him up in what was a rather sloppily executed exchange.  Breaks is arguing with the MC when Bainbridge rolls him up again for a near fall, before getting the Breaks special in just 42 seconds of the fourth round.  Breaks is again looking for the arm in the fifth with Bainbridge doing all he can to keep it out of his reach.  Eventually he grabs the arm and gets the winning submission with a variation of his special in just one minute of the round.

This was Breaks final appearance on TV with wrestling cancelled by the end of the year.  He deserved better that this and I'd rate it even below the Kamakazi match.  The second round isn't shown on the broadcast, but this is one to miss.

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