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[1986-03-01-All Star Wrestling] Jim Breaks vs Johnny Saint


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A match from the short lived 'Satellite Wrestling' show that aired on Screensport in the UK.  Only about a dozen of these episodes aired but they're all out there and in circulation.  The Screensport shows were completely different to the traditional 'World of Sport' ones and had more of an American feel to them; there were interviews, angles which would develop from show to show, backstage bits and you'd even get an added bout or two from the US airing which were supposedly nominated by a 'viewer'.  Both wrestlers cut promos before the match and neither were very good (not surprisingly as they've never had any need for it in the past) with Saint being worse than Breaks.  With this being on the Screensport channel, it means there is sadly no Kent Walton and commentary is provided by Maxton G. Beesley and Vince Miller, who to put it bluntly are diabolical.  For two who say so much they are completely clueless when it comes to calling the moves, they would often talk over each other to the point you couldn't understand what they were saying , and even worse in my eyes, they'd proceed to talk over Breaks when he's doing his schtick with the crowd.  If that isn't bad enough, you'd get adverts pop up over the action advising you of addresses to contact if you want to train to be a wrestler or purchase some even programs.

This was standard Breaks fare (pleased with himself for rolling through when Saint tries to ram his head into the canvas only to then get caught the next time, bad mouthing the referee when Saint gets given a public warning only to see the ref reverse the warning and give it to Breaks), whilst he did get some great heat from the crowd.  With better camera work and these two idiots on commentary keeping it to a minimum (in fact, someone else altogether calling it), this would have come across better.  First fall saw Saint have a double arm stretch on Breaks, then Breaks starts waving and crossing his legs as if he is going for some wacky Saintesque escape, only for Saint to trap them and get the reverse folding press.  Breaks equalizes with the Special after tying Saint's arm up in the ropes, and Saint gets the decisive fall rolling Breaks up much to the approval of the crowd who come to ringside and all want to shake his hand.

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