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[1986-06-26-All Star Wrestling] Jim Breaks vs Max Hunter


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The second and final appearance of Breaks on 'Satellite Wrestling', and he again cuts an interview before the match while sporting a rather dashing yellow Pringle V-neck.  This was better than his previous effort, but he spent most of the time knocking Johnny Saint to continue the rivalry between the two of them rather than his upcoming opponent.  The commentary was better too in the fact that at least they didn't talk over each other, though I was still expecting to hear 'whattamaneuvre' at some point.  The crowd were pretty dead for this match which isn't the norm when Breaks is involved.  This was the first time I'd seen (or even heard of) Hunter who has a few nice spots (the Nigel McGuinness slingshot off the ropes, a variation on the double arm stretch where he puts one foot on Breaks head and pushes it up to apply pressure to the neck and a cool bridge escape), but despite the odd moment of advantage Breaks pretty much takes the entire match.  It really should have gone five minutes less than it did with Breaks eventually winning getting the only fall that is required.

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