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[2000-12-18-WWF-Raw] Steve Austin vs William Regal

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Fun match. It was only a couple of minutes long but the crowd was hot and it was fun watching Regal sell for Austin. The finish saw Austin accidentally DQ'ed which he didn't take kindly to. He gave the ref a stunner and let Regal know he wasn't finished with him. The look on Regal's face at the end was priceless. He got some beer on his face but reacted as though he'd tasted his own blood. Similar to the Austin/Benoit match it was a bout that promised more in the future but it was cool to see two guys who'd gone up and down the road together in WCW having a match together on RAW. 

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William Regal states that he is here on behalf of all the good people of Greenville as there is a threat in the World Wrestling Federation and that threats name is ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin.  His rampant attacks on goodwill and himself are appalling and he is here to make an example of a man who besmirches the decent people!  He demands that he comes out and faces him, however he doesn’t have to wait long, Austin on his way before he has even got the words out of his mouth.  The match follows the usual Austin opening,  plenty of punches thrown and the ‘Thesz press’ landed.  After picking up a two count Regal punches him in the bread basket and throws him through the ropes to the floor.  The action returns to the ring and Regal with that quality leg scissors trip before raining forearms down on ‘Stone Cold’.  Austin reverses the whip to the corner and although Regal puts on the breaks he’s met with a flurry of right hands.  Referee Tim White tries to separate the two, but as Austin shoves him out the way Regal kicks ‘the Rattlesnake’ low.  The crowd are super hot for anything Austin does when he’s on the offense.  He goes for the stunner, but Regal pushes him off into White.  ‘Hangman’s Noose’ neckbreaker by Regal.  With no-one to count the fall he steps outside and collects his European title.  Primed and ready to nail Austin, ‘Stone Cold’ gets in there first with a boot to the gut and then hits the stunner.  He spots the dropped title belt on the mat and picks it up, right at the point that White comes around, sees him holding it and ultimately DQ’s him thinking he’d just clocked Regal with it.  Brilliant stuff from Regal here who is holding his face and motioning that’s exactly what happened.  Pissed with the decision Austin stuns White, who takes a pretty devastating bump from it as he doesn’t land on his knees so it’s almost like a cutter.

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