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[2018-08-05-EVOLVE 109] Joey Janela vs Darby Allin


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A great match that will go under the radar, but still a very good showing for both guys. Janela is someone I kind of have a hard time connecting with. His ability to transition from likable jokester to suicidal freak can be kind of jarring depending what promotion he's wrestling for, but he has really showed a refreshing side of himself as a more "serious" wrestler in EVOLVE. Darby Allin is someone who also has his pros and cons, but definitely showed a really good chemistry here with Janela. If it's any indication of the unique talent of both guys, they got a lukewarm crowd going nuts by the end, ****1/4.

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I saw Darby and Janela have a fans bring the weapons match in MLW some months ago that I don't think made video and I'd say it was a notch above this. This was OK for what it was, but I wasn't particularly blown away by it. The first half of it just felt there and the second half with the Austin Theory run in made sense for the storyline, but it felt thrown just thrown together and the reckless reverse brainbuster head drop on the ring apron was gross, but that's what got a reaction for the most part.

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