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  1. Edwin

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    I've been re-watching/watching the little footage we have of the Russian Red Bull Army from 1989 New Japan and 1993 U Inter and Zangiev is slowly peaking in to become one of my all-time favorites. I've really enjoyed watching him throwing folks around.
  2. Edwin

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Yeah, I noticed something similar happened to that Tessa Blanchard thread, also. Is there mods or admins around this place anymore? Wonder where Loss and goodhelmet are? Seems like they lost interest in wrestling.
  3. Edwin

    RIP Hercules Ayala

    Hércules has been struggling with health complications for some years now and unfortunately his wife and El Profe have confirmed he passed away this morning.
  4. Edwin

    2020 Wrestlemania Weekend

    Alright, forget about PROGRESS, I know where I'll be on Thursday night.
  5. Edwin

    2020 Wrestlemania Weekend

    This would most likely be terrible, but I hope they make it happen.
  6. Edwin

    2020 Wrestlemania Weekend

    They've announced a ton of others for that ROH card including Jay Lethal. I went to the ROH Supercard in Lakeland during WrestleMania 30 weekend, I won't make the same mistake again. I'm not sure why they run shows so far away from everyone else. Orlando and Tampa are quite the long drives from Lakeland and there will be a ton of quality cards on that day and at that time, so I don't get why anyone would want to head out of Tampa to catch a single show far out. Plus the majority of the guys on the ROH card will be working for other companies in Tampa that weekend. Our schedule for WrestleMania weekend is looking like: Thursday -- Bloodsport or PROGRESS and the WWN SuperShow or ICW, depending if I'm not too tired. Friday -- Spring Break Saturday -- wXw, TakeOver and TakeOver Hangover.
  7. Edwin

    2020 Wrestlemania Weekend

    I'll be in Tampa that weekend and will be attending a bunch of shows, but I am not sure which ones yet. I've been torn on going to PROGRESS or Bloodsport on Thursday, but seeing Barnett/Moxley announced has made me more inclined to attend Bloodsport and with Ki/Gage on afterwards, I may head to the ICW show after Bloodsport.
  8. That sucks. I'm a big Kendo fan. Was just watching some old Capital Sports last night with the Ninja Express. Side note: Had no idea he was an All Japan dojo boy. Spotted him as a second ringside during a Steamboat/Sheik All Japan match.
  9. I thought this match ruled and it was easily my pick for MOTN. The ladies just stepped up and put on a fantastic performance all around. The Dakota turn was a thing of beauty -- everyone was expecting her to turn, but no one was expecting her to turn in that manner. Bianca put on another incredible performance here. Not only was she doing her incredibly athletic stuff here, but she was also hitting some nasty elbows on Candace. Those hair whips she does are also brutal. Good thing she doesn't do them frequently and just saves those for the big matches. Kay Lee doesn't get much love, but she took some wild bumps in this match which also ruled. And of course Rhea and Shanya ruled as always. Loved the finish with Rhea putting on the handcuffs to bock the RNC and then using them to manipulate Shayna into the pumphandle slam.
  10. Edwin

    Is WWE redeemable?

    This is the impression I'm getting and a lot of replies seem to be in the same sense as Meltzer's which is an overreaction.
  11. This. The Roddy Strong from Orlando Live earlier this year is his second favorite match.
  12. Edwin

    The Classic Arenas

    Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan maybe the best (or at least my favorite) Japanese venue. Tons of classic matches from a ton of promotions in Japan have happened in that venue.
  13. Edwin

    American Indies running shows overseas

    @clintthecrippler pretty much summarized the GCW shows. It's basically a FREEDOMS shows with some GCW talent. When ROH first ran their shows in Japan years back, they had a partnership with Noah and Dragon Gate. The ring wasn't an ROH ring and it was more so a regular Noah ring they used with the ROH mat. Also, not everyone from ROH was on those shows and they had a lot of Noah and Dragon Gate talent to fill out the card. So it wasn't entirely a ROH show, but it was marketed as such. When CZW and CHIKARA ran shows in Germany some years ago, the same as ROH applies. These were pretty much co-promoted shows with wXw in Germany, but were sold as CZW and CHIKARA shows. A lot of talent on those shows had been booked for wXw, so I'm guessing they may chip in for the flights, so it doesn't fall solely on CZW or CHIKARA. I remember when New Japan ran shows back in 2011 in New Jersey. Those were co-promoted shows with JAPW and had a lot of guys JAPW would book regularly and they also had the JAPW setup, but they were promoted as New Japan shows solely even though they weren't.
  14. Edwin

    WWE Summerslam 2019

    Say what you will about Rollins, but that dude was way over tonight and the match was fantastic. I enjoyed it more than anything from last night. I love these wild Lesnar main events.