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  1. I loved the sense of urgency from both guys, namely from Kakihara, namely when he got locked in that kneebar by Tamura and he quickly scrambled for to grab onto Tamura's ankle with an ankle lock and Tamura not even bothering to strike with Kakihara in some instances and just throwing him to the ground and going for submissions. Also loved him continuously going for the flying spin wheel kick as he knew it would hurt Tamura if he was able to land it and when he did indeed land it Tamura was rocked and had to rely by going to the ropes to have the ref. count as a down. That flash back take by Tamura into the rear naked choke was great and Kakihara did a fantastic job of trying to scramble to the ropes to break the hold as quick as possible. Also loved how both guys were packing heat in this and not holding back one bit. The palm strike exchanges were somewhat sloppy, but these guys were slapping the taste out of each others mouths regardless and those corner knee strikes from Tamura were brutal. Tamura also threw a Superman palm strike which maybe the oldest footage I have ever seen someone throw one in. I wouldn't have minded the final big Death Valley Driver if Kakihara at least tried fighting it off, but he just let Tamura lift him up and them dump him without trying to fight it off. The crowd was really into this as well constantly cheering on Kakihara. This was on its way to being a classic in my opinion, but both guys were visibly gassed near the finishing stretch and they had to drop the intensity and go for the finish. Really good match though regardless of that.
  2. Edwin

    The mOveZ Appreciation Thread

    I was Google searching for them, but I couldn't find them quickly, but: M2K vs. Italian Connection vs. Do FIXER vs. Crazy MAX - 4/1/2003 Crazy MAX vs. M2K vs. Do FIXER - 7/7/2002 Do FIXER vs. M2K vs. Crazy MAX - 7/14/2002 Those 3 would be a good starting point.
  3. Edwin

    The mOveZ Appreciation Thread

    That's basically a Toryumon JAPAN/Dragon Gate showcase match. They had much faster paced matches there. If you liked that, then you need to watch some of those crazy mutliman matches from Toryumon JAPAN. Those are much better.
  4. Edwin

    All Elite Wrestling

    They are offering their a 50% on their next show in Tampa...
  5. Edwin

    The mOveZ Appreciation Thread

    Can't believe this thread has gone on this long without a single mention of those early 00's Toryumon JAPAN trios 3 way and 4 way matches. Those were great back then.
  6. Edwin

    All Elite Wrestling

    They signed Darby Allin which is a massive blow to EVOLVE as he was one of the hottest acts they had going and he was involved in a big title angle recently.
  7. This was truly a great match. Thatcher has been a favorite of mine for a while now and I had only seen Suzuki a handful of times, but he's apparently a Billy Robinson student, so he has a background in Catch which was quite visible here. Thatcher also has a background in Catch as he's a student of Josh Barnett. The match is just great. Just two mean dudes with some gritty grappling exchanges. Those big bombs from Suzuki at the end were so well timed and perfectly executed.
  8. Edwin

    NXT talk

    Went to the NXT TV tapings...
  9. Edwin

    WWE Fastlane 2019

    That submission by Shane maybe the only more embarrassing he's ever done than his punches.
  10. Man, that's pretty odd. Peyton is beautiful. I've never noticed her teeth, but I'm sure it's not something veneers can't fix as that's what most celebrities do anyway.
  11. Edwin

    WWE Elimination Chamber 2019

    For those tuning in late -- anything we need to go out of our way to see?
  12. Edwin

    WWE/NXT 2010s MOTD List

    This would get my vote easily.
  13. Edwin

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    beIN also moved their show to Saturday nights which is not a good sign... I maybe alone, but I feel Court tried to advance MLW 2.0 too fast. I mean, I can appreciate his ambition on growing his organization as fast as possible, but I don't think it was an ideal scenario to try and get on TV after having run 5 or so shows in a small night club in Florida. Once he locked in the TV deal, WWN began pulling some of the bigger names they were booking and their cards began to weaken up. I feel they should have gone for a subscription based provider like many indys are doing these days which is what they seemed to have been going for early on.
  14. Thought this was really good. The crowd was dead for the first half, but they got them going with some great throws from Gable. Thought his performance was the best in the match due to those sick throws and bumping around for the Revival. That Blockbuster into a German Suplex and the Revival catching Gable's dive into the Shatter Machine were particularly stand out great spots. Really good match.