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  1. Not gonna lie, this wasn't on par with the past WM triple threat main events of the past and Edge is doesn't do it for me but I thought there was enough chaos in this to say it was good at least. It's pretty wild to think Bryan would agree to that conchairto at this point his career with his concussion history. Definitely benefited from Bryan being thrown in the mix instead of a straight up Reigns vs. Edge singles match. Hope Reigns moves on to new opponents as Big E and Cesaro are there now available.
  2. Matt Riddle defends the WWE United States Title Given the chemistry and some of the past matches these two have had before, I was super hyped to see what these two would on the big stage. Unfortunately this didn't reach the level of their TV matches which were much better as they were much more condensed. I still dug this as the work was tight and snug and we got some great bits such as the great knee counter to the Riddle flip from the ring apron inside the ring. That entire White Noise off the top rope was obviously silly but the big Bruiser Brody like King Kong Knee Drop off the top rope from Sheamus was great and looked like it would crush Riddle's jaw. Sheamus has a pretty great year, so it was cool seeing him win and I look forward to seeing where his runs leads to.
  3. This was the big main event and it had the big match feel to it. Heel Sasha is much better than face Sasha and we get instances of heel Sasha here with her constantly going after Bianca's braid to use it against her, including her going after Bianca's braid and using it to keep her close so she can punt her constantly with one of those punts landing on the mouth. We get a big Sasha dive early on which Bianca catches and roles through and we get one of the most impressive press slams ever with Bianca carrying Sasha up the stairs and tossing her inside the ring from the ring apron. Sasha is also someone who can get wild on offense like Manami Toyota and she will just throw herself recklessly as she did here when she just absolutely launched herself knee first into the guardrail in a Meteora attempt. Belair's athleticism is always a sight to behold as she will just casually pull out a running shooting star press and a big 450 splash that gets countered by Sasha's knees. The Bank Statement with Sasha using Belair's braid was a great spot and the nearfall false finish from the second 450 splash was great. It really gave the impression Sasha was going to retain at that point. The hair whip is one of the coolest and most brutal moves in wrestling as Sasha had a brutal welt on her ribs from it (hope they continue to save this for her big matches). The finish had people crying and jumping out of their seats. This was a homerun. One of the best women's matches in North American wrestling history.
  4. Yeah, that is not a thread title I thought I would ever be typing on here. This wasn't an all-time classic or anything but it far beyond exceeded expectations and is one of the best celebrity wrestling matches ever. Bad Bunny busting out a wild counter into an armdrag, La Casita like he's Negro Casas, a headscissors and a Destroyer was wild. Also his selling was far better than it had any right to be. Priests hot tag offense was on point and I would say he's improved a ton and been much better since moving up to the main roster. This is a match they obviously rehearsed a ton at the Performance Center before but kudos to everyone involved, specially the Miz who was clearly guiding this in the ring.
  5. Another match that was much better than I was expecting it to be. They start with the New Day as faces and AJ and Omos as heels but the roles are reversed in this as the New Day refuse to wrestle Omos early on and they put an extensive beatdown on AJ and constantly cut him off from tagging in Omos. Eventually the anticipation to seeing Omos make his in ring debut is built up and we get a hot tag that delivers with Omos coming in absolutely wrecking the New Day; he catches Kofi with a Volk Han aikido wristlock throw and he absolutely crushes Woods' ribes with a brutal rib breaker. The Headshrinkers like assisted springboard Phenomenal Forearm was a great looking spot as was the big finishing bomb from Omos on Kofi. Another match that I would say exceeded expectations on this card.
  6. This was soooo much better than I was expecting it to be. I'm not a big Rollins fan but I would be lying if I said he wasn't good here. The lead in to this was built around Cesaro's giant swing and how he'd humiliated Rollins with it in recent weeks so of course there's a giant swing tease in this that gets the crowd going nuts. Cesaro's main offense is usually a variety of European uppercuts and Rollins hurts Cesaro's shoulder with a buckle bomb so we get portions of Cesaro's main offense being shutdown briefly due to it. There's two really neat transitions here that look like throwbacks to transitions Cesaro would do with Quack for Ian Rotten in IWA Mid-South; in one Cesaro tries to take Rollins on a ride with a quebradora and he ends up hitting a great looking Neutralizer and in the other Rollins counters the Neutralizer and he lands a pedigree. Rollins also nails Cesaro with a vicious elbow to the back of the head that looks even more vicious in the slow motion replay. The finishing stretch if great with Cesaro hitting a brutal elevated European uppercut, followed up by his wild spinning torture rack bomb and a big giant swing to give Cesaro his big WrestleMania win. Really good match.
  7. Both guys have been really good throughout the year and both guys brought it here and put on together a hot opening heavyweight title match. This didn't have the stiff strikes or potatoes the Drew/Sheamus match had but it had a bunch of big bombs from both guys. There's also a wild dive from Drew in this which unfortunately got brushed off by Lashley and MVP and McIntyre just splatted back first on the outside. That no sell kip up from Drew to the second spinebuster felt very Shawn Michael'ish and was something I could have done without but the crowd went nuts for it so it worked. The drama and false finish with the kimura was a great and the referee stoppage to the Hurt Lock was great as well. Very good match.
  8. This match was originally scheduled to take place last year before the pandemic and unfortunately it got cancelled and rescheduled for this year. This was more so a pro-wrestling match with some segments of shoot style. The ground work here is tight and gritty for the most part and the ground and pound from both guys is pretty brutal as they both unloaded a variety of elbows from the top on each other. This is the first time I recall there being blood in a Bloodsport match and it added to the brutality of the match, namely Moxley who had a near Eddie Guerrero vs. JBL crimson mask. Moxley pulling a Mike Tyson and biting Barnett's ear and not getting DQ'd on the same card SHLAK got DQ'd for biting Super Beast's foot early on was odd. Great match with the vicious ground and pound and nasty blood being the highlight.
  9. Edwin

    Wrestlemania 37

    Wut? The show was great. Aside from the tag team turmoil, everything else was good/great. And even then the tag team turmoil was fine. Edit: Forgot the cage match. Yeah, that one sucked.
  10. Edwin

    Wrestlemania 37

    Greatest WrestleMania ever? Seriously, what a show.
  11. Edwin

    Wrestlemania 37

    I'm Puerto Rican and am watching this with my wife and some family members and we are all going nuts watching this. Benito was so much better than anyone was expecting him to. That entire match was soooo much fun.
  12. This was a nice surprise. I'm not particularly big on James the times I've seen him but I thought he was decent here as he got some big throws in and was decent on the ground with some gritty transitions grinding his elbow in Grimm's face and also attempting multiple subs. However Grimm was on another level here. His striking was decent (hit James with a pretty nasty spinning back fist) and his groundwork looked great as he looked constantly active and he made it all look like a struggle (those headbutts on the ground from Grimm were great). The big butterfly suplex leading to the kimura was gratifying finish. Much, much better match than I was expecting.
  13. Entirely different match from WALTER/Ciampa as this is more of a straight up hoss fight. Rampage brings the fight to WALTER and it's a 15+ minute bomb fest between these two. Match is worked evenly as it should be with Rampage looking like a threat to WALTER. That Doctor Bomb from Rampage was pretty nasty as WALTER landed on his shoulder. They go a bit overboard in the finishing stretch with the big move 2.99 kickouts but I still dug this and thought it was very good. Would like to see them run this one back once they are fans back in the arenas.
  14. This was so much better than I was expecting it to be. I remember being cold on Raquel before she got repackaged and she was working mostly Florida live event as Reina Gonzalez. She never really stood out and was always much bigger than most of the other women on the roster but she seemed to be afraid to work like a big girl. Since being repackaged and paired up with Dakota Kai, she's been great. I would have preferred if this was more of a David vs. Goliath type match with Raquel working on top for the most part and Io getting sprints in of her flashy offense instead of having Io work on top for most of the match but I still think this was good as Io went balls to the wall here and busted out some wild stuff such as the neat armdrag from the 619 and the big dive off the top of the skull from the entrance. Dug Raquel rushing to the outside after the moonsault and that lariat after the palm strike was a fantastic way to setup the finish. I'm not a massive fan of Io but this maybe the best singles match I've seen her have in NXT this far.
  15. I'm a big fan of WALTER but I feel he works way to evenly with much smaller opponents at times (such as the A-Kid match from NXT UK earlier this year) but that didn't feel as the case here as Ciampa is pretty jacked and almost as tall as him. WALTER chopping the table and tearing it in half was perfectly executed, as was WALTER's selling of his injured hand moving as he added the little touches (such as not being able to put on an STF, not being able to hold onto the bridge, having to use his other hand and clutching his own head to keep on a rear naked choke, etc). Ciampa using endless lariats to chop down WALTER (who had to rely on the ropes to stay up) was great. I get why some folks may have been bugged by Ciampa kicking out of the two powerbombs but WALTER using a chop to win puts over the brutality of them even more. Great match.