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  1. Roderick Strong, Tyler Rust and Hideki Suzuki with Malcom Bivens as their manager are Diamond Mine. Excited to see Suzuki.
  2. I believe this is the first time these two have faced each other on WWE TV and it was a good match. The WWE RAW TV match style has noticeably changed this year and I've honestly have been enjoying it. It seems more big bomb centered with actually heavyweights just coming in and ragdolling each other while throwing stiff strikes. This was worked excellently in that vein. They did a neat spot with Riddle kicking McIntyre on the HIAC welts on his back and McIntyre just splats him with a stiff lariat. I also feel McIntyre's punches don't get the credit they deserve. Sure he's not Lawler or Dundee when it comes to throwing hands but his punches look like they actually connect. Its also pretty impressive seeing McIntyre just manhandle Riddle and toss him around with wheelbarrow throws. He also hit a great looking deadlift suplex. The highlight spot for me was the backslide counter into the Future Shock DDT. I also thought McIntyre's selling of HIAC injuries was great as he would wince and clutch at his backs or ribs whenever Riddle got a throw or landed any big offense that hurt his back. The finish was on point with Riddle pulling a flash pin. Not on par with either ones matches against Sheamus but this was still a good match.
  3. I guess he's paid by WWE to take the bullet as well? It's always boggled my mind how many folks dislike WWE, yet still decide to spend 3 hours on a Monday, 2 hours on Tuesday and 2 hours on Friday to watch their programming. I'm sure there's other things you would find more pleasure in doing during that time span than watching a TV show you actively dislike.
  4. Edwin

    Dramatic Dream Team (And Friends)

    Hoshitango, Tomomitsu Matsunaga and Michael Nakazawa as the Nuru Nuru Brothers and Gorgeous Matsuno were the gimmicks I simply couldn't get when I was following DDT some 15 or so years ago. Muscle Sakai was a comedy wrestler but he at least was funny. There's some quality stuff from back then you should check out and review if you haven't. Shuji Ishikawa's KO-D title run as Koo, a Hawaiian Kane ripoff in the hWo which was a Hawaiian NWO ripoff, Dick Togo's KO-D title run as the leader of Metal Vampire, HARASHIMA's first title run after his run as HERO!, etc. I'm actually thinking of rewatching some of these are those KO-D title main event matches at Korakuen Hall always delivered.
  5. Edwin

    WWE Heck in a Cell 2021

    The Bryan IC title match from last years Mania is my favorite pandemic era Sami match. He was great in it. Loved the bit with him stalling and trying to avoid Bryan and then him telling Bryan to please not hit him and then Bryan pounced on him with punches and he starts yelling in pain.
  6. This has been an ongoing feud for 15+ years now? And to be honest, its a feud that never clicked for me as most of their matches always relied heavily on big head drops, finisher spamming and extensive 2.99 false finish kickouts. This however felt different. This felt more like an actual grudge match than a dream rematch and they brought more intensity to this than other matches. KO hurt his arm and did a pretty neat of selling it and even avoiding using in their strike exchanges. Also, the strikes they were throwing here looked much more impactful than the thigh slap heavy strikes they would throw before as Sami got his mouth busted open. They also dropped the extensive 2.99 false finish kickouts and only had one count out tease and only one big head drop with KO taking a half-and-half suplex. Plus the finish was clean without them going into overboard. I would say this is possibly the best match I've seen them have together.
  7. Edwin

    WWE Heck in a Cell 2021

    Watched most of the PPV (minus Mandy/Nattie and Charlotte/Rhea) and oof, everything has dragged aside from Sami/KO which isn't particularly a matchup I'm a big fan of but this felt much different than their typical finisher spam 2.99 near fall kick out fests. KO's selling of the injured arm was decent and they def. brought more aggressiveness here as KO clearly busted Sami's mouth open maybe with that big elbow he hit. Sami adopting the 80's like WWC security guard ring gear with the conspiracy theory gimmick is the most I've enjoyed him ever.
  8. Edwin

    WWE TV 06/14 - 06/20 Harry Kane is a hack fraud

    That hell in a cell match was good. Rey is the greatest underdog of all-time. Loved him using his speed and the ringside weapons to ground the bigger and dominant champ. And that visual of Reigns trapping Rey's head in the guillotine choke as it seemed like he was about to pops Rey's head off his body was great.
  9. As expected, this delivered. Rey is undoubtedly the greatest underdog of all-time. First part segment of the match featured the much smaller Rey using his speed and ringside weapons to ground the dominant and much bigger Reigns. Rey quickly running out of the ring and grabbing a chair and nailing Reigns in the ribs while he tried to grab him through the ropes was a great way to kick this off. I also thought Rey using the fire extinguisher to stop Reigns was clever. Also the use of the chair later on was perfectly executed with Rey wrapping the chair around Reigns neck and just shoving him into the cage and the ring post trying to asphyxiate him. We also got a great ragdoll spot from Reigns when he caught Rey and just flung him into the cage multiple times as if nothing. My two biggest knocks on this are the superman punch that looked awful and the camera change didn't do it any favors and the predictable result which of course doesn't allow you to buy into the big frog splash spots as near falls. The big lawn dart powerbomb over the top rope in the cage was great though and Reigns' new guillotine (without the arm in) looked brutal as his arms looked like they were tightly wrapped around Rey's neck and his head looked like it was about to pop. Not an all-time classic but most definitely a good main event match.
  10. Edwin

    WWE TV 06/14 - 06/20 Harry Kane is a hack fraud

    Give us a follow up on the Mysterios and Alpha Academy feud ending in a lengthy Alpha Academy title run, please and thanks.
  11. Edwin

    AEW Dynamite - June 18, 2021 - Friday Night v.4

    Disagreed. There's plenty of great shoot style matches or "worked MMA matches." Even in 2021, on a smaller scale we still get Bloodsport, Hard Hit, etc. which do a great job at this. This was embarrassing. They spent 3 minutes in the first round stalling and making mean faces to try and save their stamina to ride this out into the second round. The few strikes landed in those 3 minutes were embarrassing, as was the Showtime Superman punch. Instead of doing the played out lame Frye/Takayama hockey fight exchange we've seen done in NXT which looks horrendous, we got a mock Korean Zombie/Leonard Garcia fist fight that was on par, if not worse than the phoney Frye/Takayama hockey fight. Excalibur said before the match Wardlow had boxing background, but he looked like he had never thrown a punch in his entire life. His ground and pound was no better than his stand up. Wardlow looked visibly gassed in the second round. I guess that's why the powerbomb into the cage and the Rampage/Arona triangle counter spot looked like they had minimum to no impact on Hager. For some reason Hager just randomly began selling at the start of the second round even though he came out of a rest from the corner were he wasn't even selling slightly. The piped in fake crowd didn't do this any favors either. Not trying to be a jerk or being negative, but that was just an embarrassing mess that made Nobuhiko Takada vs. Kyle Sturgeon from PRIDE 3 look great in comparison. They really should never do this again.
  12. This match is absolute bonkers. As I said last time around, there's few things I like more in wrestling than big Onita Pro tornado tag no rope barbed wire main events as they are absolute chaos. Onita is pro-wrestlings true punk rock icon with his distressed t-shirt and jeans, leather jacket, scar tissue, bandages and water flinging all over a hot wild crowd that rushes to touch their cult hero. Opposite, we have Tenryu who looks like a guy who just walked out of low budget law firm and is on his way to grab a beer with his friends at Chili's the bar after a long day of work with his button up white shirt and yellow and black tie. Both guys just ooze charisma and personality. These two are of course the main focus of this match. Everyone is somewhat replaceable and are just here to take big bumps and bleed. We kick off with a wild brawl early on and the crowd is going absolutely wild as fists are flying everywhere. Tenryu takes a somewhat timid back bump into the barbed wire ropes and he then bypasses a rushing Okumura who just takes a nasty bump out of the ring into the barbed wire. More chaos is ensuing and Onita and Tenryu are just laying on the ring punching each other in the face while Kikuzawa who would then be known as Ebessan in Osaka and Ebetaro later on is taking some gruesome front suplexes on the barbed wire ropes. Onita and Tenryu break away from each other and Onita heads to brawl and bleed all over the crowd in Korakuen Hall with Yaguchi and Tenryu unbuttons his shirt and loosens his tie while he joins Nakamaki in putting a nasty beatdown on Kikuzawa by punching him in the mouth, flinging him into barbed wire and relentlessly throwing ringside chairs at his face. Of course Korakuen tables are uncooperative and we get a somewhat comedic botch between Onita and Nakamaki and some more chair shots and bleeding all over the ring. The comedic table spot botch wasn't going to stop them from smashing the table as Nakamaki still puts in the ring corner and then eats a back bump into and it still doesn't break, so they have to bring it back and use it until it breaks or someone gets broken with it. Tenryu and Nakamaki are finally able to break the table to a big pop with a nasty suplex on Asako through it and they begin to use the remains of it to continue smashing folks. With the tables being uncooperative, they have to improvise and Yaguchi sets up a barbed wire board on to two chairs and then he gets backdropped through it and of course that doesn't cooperate and doesn't break either. Tenryu and Onita fight on the edge of the ring and tease a bump onto barbed wire boards on the outside and Onita takes the bump. Meanwhile Kikuzawa is getting wrapped up in barbed wire by Yaguchi. As this is an Onita Pro show, the crowd is mostly pro Onita and they begin "Onita! Onita!" chants and Tenryu gets fed up with them and he just flings a barbed wire board out of the ring onto the ringside seconds after Onita had kicked out of a powerbomb. The finishing run is on par with the rest of the chaos and Kikuzawa wrapped in barbed wire rushes at Ono before Onita puts him down with his thunder fire bomb. There's a lot of similarities with Onita Pro main events and they may feel repetitive but I love the chaos.
  13. Not a MOTYC or anything by any stretch but a very good undercard PPV match. I believe this is Xia's first TakeOver match and she looked good. Early it on it was all about Xia's kick heavy offense before it backfired and she ended up kicking the ring post and causing the momentum shift in which Mercedes did a fantastic job of taking over hitting some big throws like a butterfly capture suplex, a nasty looking Razor's Edge into a DDT, a big backdrop ringside and some vicious arm captured knees to the face. Xia also added some throws to her offense as she hit Mercedes with a wrist clutch exploder suplex which is something I had never seen her do before. The finish was neat with Xia hitting her wild spin kick to put down Mercedes. Good match to slow things down but it didn't overstay its welcome and didn't drag at any moment.
  14. My perspective on this maybe different as most as I was at the Performance Center live for this and this was an absolute blast. Balls to the wall action starting out with Santos playing the coward heel who wants the title but doesn't want to confront the champ and sending his cronies to do the dirty work. I'm not a big fan of Bronson but to me this is the best he's looked in NXT. He was great using his weight to run over Raúl and Joaquin and they also did the big man fall onto the smaller guy who's trying to slam him. The interactions with Bronson and Santos were also kept to a minimum as this was mostly worked by the tag teams so they will have to plenty to work with when the eventual singles title match comes to fruition. Bronson also only took one big bump which was well prepped up with Santos distracting the ref. and Joaquin giving him a chop block from behind and Santos then hitting with a sick Michinoku driver that seemed like broke his neck. Meanwhile we get more fast paced exchanges between MSK and Raúl and Joaquin before we get a wild breaking barricade pounce from Bronson on Santos in the finishing stretch. This definitely didn't overstay it's welcome as it was under 15 and it was a hot opener to get the crowd going and it didn't have an extensive 2.99 kickout forced facials exchange featuring ridiculous finishing move exchanges or overdone your turn, my turn strike exchanges.