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Charles (Loss)

2002-07-06-GWF-Battle of Champions

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German Wrestling Federation
Battle of Champions
July 6, 2002

No review yet.

  1. Mark Sloan vs Graham Hughes
  2. GWF Title Tournament Quarterfinals: James Tighe vs Justin Richards
  3. GWF Title Tournament Quarterfinals: Jody Fleisch vs Little Guido
  4. Zebra Kid vs Rob Brookside vs Jack Xavier
  5. GWF Title Tournament Quarterfinals: Michael Kovac vs Paul Sloane
  6. GWF Title Tournament Quarterfinals: Jonny Storm vs Trent Acid
  7. GWF Title Tournament Semifinals: Little Guido vs James Tighe
  8. GWF Title Tournament Semifinals: Jonny Storm vs Michael Kovac
  9. GWF Title Tournament Semifinals: Shak Khan vs Lee Butler
  10. GWF Title Tournament Finals: Jonny Storm vs Little Guido

Bold matches are PWO recommended.

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