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[1998-07-05-Jd'] Jaguar Yokota & Yoko Kosugi vs Lioness Asuka & The Bloody


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This is a match which really has everything going against it. It's 60 minutes clipped down to 25, mainly centered around a beatdown on Jaguar, with two green girls and one very limited crowbar in it, most of what is shown is bombdropping and there is oodles of outside interference (at one point like half a dozen girls jump in the ring to stomp Jaguar).

HOWEVER even despite all that due to a good Jaguar performance this is mostly watchable and even pretty great in parts. Jaguar bleeds and takes a huge beating getting shoot kicked in the face by Lioness, absolutely launching herself through the ropes to put a lariat over, taking a big spill down the Korakuen Hall stairs etc. Her blood loss selling was spot on and her desperation counters reminded me of Morgan/Faraon. I don't know whether to praise her because she looked great or to belittle her because she booked this mess.

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