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[1992-12-21-WWF-Primetime Wrestling] Bob Backlund vs. Skinner


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Don't know what I was expecting.

Was intrigued by this, a rare matchup between Backlund and Keirn, former Florida tag partners 16 years before this. 

This is about 3 minutes long with Keirn fully immersed into the Skinner role and Backlund, a very bland babyface. The back and forth is surprisingly full of hiccups, with very little chemistry. Weird spots like heel Skinner blocking Backlund's atomic drop (used as a transition, rather than a finisher) and going for a roll up but being unable to hold it, leading directly into Backlund doing the same move w/ a bridge and getting the win. 

Keirn looks like a complete WWF character, but Backlund feels very stale even a month or so into his return. He shows very little personality and although I'm guessing Vince saw him as the '90s version of Pedro Morales in the Rock 'n' Wrestling Era, Backlund has lost the traits that made him so popular 15 years earlier. He looks old and is very bland, so it's no surprise he floundered for the next 18 months until the crazy heel turn. 

This had potential, but if Backlund couldn't pull anything worthwhile out of a feature match with a fellow Florida veteran, he wasn't going to be able to do anything with the New Generation of WWF wrestlers.

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