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  1. CWA Heavyweight Title: Otto Wanz (c) vs Bull Power (June 30, 1990; Graz, Austria)
  2. Steve Wright vs Dave Finlay (June 30, 1990; Graz, Austria)
  3. Franz Schumann vs Salvatore Bellomo (June 30, 1990; Graz, Austria)
  4. CWA Heavyweight Title: Bull Power (c) vs Otto Wanz (December 22, 1989; Bremen, Germany)
  5. Tony St. Clair vs Cannonball Grizzly (July 8, 1989; Graz, Austria)
  6. KO Fight: Shinya Hashimoto, Colonel Brody & Wojtek Polanski vs Franz Schumann, Dave Taylor & Hercules Boyd (July 8, 1989; Graz, Austria)
  7. CWA Heavyweight Title: Otto Wanz (c) vs Great Kokina (December 17, 1988; Bremen, Germany)
  8. CWA Heavyweight Title: Otto Wanz vs Big Steele Man (July 8, 1989; Graz, Austria)

Bold matches are PWO recommended.

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