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[2000-11-25-EWF] Bad Crew vs Backseat Boyz (Ladder)


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Awful commentary that is insanely anti gay and grating throughout this match. As a blowoff for a pretty fun feud, this was too spotty and had an awful finish where the heat was put off of Backseat Boyz and on the next Bad Crew feud with Lovebug involved. The actual spots and a lot of the action within the ladder match were good and a fine indie representative of the TLC concept. Acid/Kashmere continue to impress me as performers. **3/4

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-11-25-EWF] Bad Crew vs Backseat Boyz (Ladder)
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Lofty expectations are set as we are informed that the match last month at ‘Caged Terror 3’ between these teams was voted the EWF ‘Match of the Year’, something I would agree with based on what I’ve seen.  A woman in the front row is shown singing along to the Backseat Boyz music and she’s not the only one.  I like the opening to this, the Backseats slapping the Bad Crew across the face then high tailing it to the floor as they chase after them.  Trent and Johnny dart back inside but both get caught whilst attempting crossbodies and the Crew launch them with a pair of fallaway slams.  From here the match follows a very similar pattern to last month with the odd slight tweak; we get the same cool blocked hip toss/abdominal stretch/chair to the face spot, the powerbomb into the upright ladder (Trent taking it this time), the Kashmere plancha from the ladder to the floor, the Orihara moonsault, Trent’s missile dropkick to a pair of chairs (as opposed to a ladder) held by the Crew, the Johnny assisted Trent splash to one of the Crew sandwiched between the ladder, ‘Acid Bomb’ into the ladder and the Backseat Boyz taking a spill from the top of the ladder, although crotching themselves on the top rope rather than falling all the way to the wooden floor this time.  Probably the major difference though is that both member of the Bad Crew get busted open.  Even the finish is familiar as referee Brian Logan gets accidentally KO’ed by a Kashmere and Donnie B double superkick and the Bad Crew retrieves the belt.  Just like last month they are again jumped by Lovebug and Martial Law who leave them laying and pass the belts to the Backseat Boyz, Logan coming to and seeing the titles in the hands of the champions. 

I again liked this, although not as much as last month.  The blood was a good touch, but I wish they had mixed things up more.  I also wish we had an interference free finish, winning once only because of outside interference is fine, twice and you’re starting to look like chumps.  I didn’t notice the commentary as much as previously, maybe I switched off or maybe I’m just used to it by now?

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