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[2000-11-25-ECW-Hardcore TV] Steve Corino vs Jerry Lynn


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Dawn Marie distracts Corino allowing Lynn to take advantage and take it to Corino in the early going. The stuff with Cyrus and Lynn is weird and Cyrus overall is one of the more grating parts of ECW. The referee gets bumped and Danny Daniels fails at trying to interfere. Other refs get bumped and Justin Credible comes in with a LA Kings jersey and caning both men. What the fuck is Victory doing on the outside just watching all of this happen. Lynn is busted open and cant continue. Promising start to the match but a bunch of bullshit really derailed things. **

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The champion and the challenger are nose to nose in the middle of the ring when Dawn Marie walks out to ringside.  We’re reminded how she turned on Corino at November to Remember; in that case why is she even allowed to be out there.  Oh, turns out she’s not, she’s just circling the ring before making her way back up the aisle to the dressing room.  Her distraction allows Lynn to take advantage and he starts whipping Corino with the leather World title belt.  Jerry throws him to the outside as Joey Styles wonders whether Lynn asked Dawn to come out and provide that distraction for him.  He picks Corino up, runs his lower back into the ring post and then slams him on the concrete.  There’s a definite new found aggressiveness from Lynn, almost as if he’s incensed at having lost the World title so soon after winning it.  Cyrus is seen at ringside, Styles talking about how he has said he wants to get Lynn’s career back on track.  Even though he hasn’t accepted his offer yet this sounds very much like a rehash of the stuff with the Network from several months ago and the storyline as to whether Lynn was in cahoots with them.  A lovely powerslam by Corino gets him a two, and he picks up another following a Fisherman’s suplex.  The two trade punches and as H.C. Loc tries to separate them Corino elbows him in the chops.  That looked deliberate although I suppose it was meant to have been ‘accidental’.  Marvellous, here comes Danny Daniels, I thought we had seen the last of him.  He’s still got a score to settle with Lynn, but Jerry avoids his chair shot and Corino superkicks it into his own face.  Lynn DDT’s Corino onto the chair however he kicks out of the cover, Jim Molineux appearing out of nowhere to replace Loc.  Jeez, now he gets bumped, accidentally, courtesy of a superkick.  Justin Credible is out and he blitzes the two wrestlers with Singapore cane shots.  Lynn is backed up in the corner, bleeding from the eye, the talk being that the cane caught him there.  We go to a commercial break and on return see Corino all alone in the ring, the match having been stopped and Lynn in the back receiving medical treatment.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-11-25-ECW-Hardcore TV] Steve Corino vs Jerry Lynn

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