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[2000-11-26-WCW-Mayhem] Kevin Nash & DDP vs Shawn Stasiak & Chuck Palumbo


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I am not seeing the potential in Palumbo as I have in guys like Jindrak and O’Haire. I think everyone knew what they were getting with Stasiak by this time so its not a surprise when he is subpar. The FIP sequence here felt like it lasted a decade. DDP did ok trying to rally up the crowd but the heels did nothing interesting on top whatsoever and the hot tag to Nash was humorous in how little reaction it received. Stasiak not being the legal man and getting pinned could lead to some bullshit on Nitro as I have no idea what the WCW tag title lineage looks like at this point forward but as of now, Nash and DDP celebrate the night as new tag champs. *1/2

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‘Commissioner’ Sanders is out first and hugs Mark Madden.  He picks up a headset and explains that he’s got a plan, although isn’t going to divulge what it is just yet.  The Thrillers ignore CEO Ric Flair’s orders that no-one is to be at ringside, all accompanying the Perfect Event as they make their entrance.  Sanders explains that you need some security and, for one night only, that security is the Natural Born Thrillers, something that Stevie Ray thinks is an abuse of his authority.  Tony Schiavone calls it “savvy” while Mark Madden says that Doug Dillinger went to Dunkin Donuts so who else are you going to get to keep order?  A “We Want Hall” chant starts up that is acknowledged by Nash.  ‘Big Sexy’ looks for the jackknife powerbomb in the opening seconds forcing Palumbo to take to the floor and call for a time out as they go about re-evaluating their game plan.  Palumbo cheap shots him on the break and then tees off until Nash reverses position and responds in kind.  This is the most intense and aggressive I’ve seen Nash in a long time.  ‘Snake eyes’ but he’s blindsided by Stasiak which brings in DDP who clotheslines Palumbo over the top rope to the outside.  ‘Security’ tries to get in the ring but they’re kept at bay by the challengers.  Ric Flair and Doug Dillinger make their way out and they’ve got some security of their own (another Ali spotting here).  They forcibly eject the Thrillers, however when Flair tries to do the same to Sanders he shows him his credentials and he has to leave him alone.  Sanders subsequently explains that he successfully applied to be a manager, although it sounds very much like he signed his own papers to push it through!  Palumbo knees DDP in the back as he hits the ropes and Stasiak with a DDT for a two count.  Nice double slingshot suplex.  Discus lariat by Page and Stasiak is forced to make the save.  Palumbo with a ‘Jungle kick’ and now its Nash doing the saving.  Some very uncharacteristic urgency from the former ‘Coach’ who even leaves his feet to do so, something noted by Madden.   DDP with a sunset flip, pulling down Stasiak’s trunks in the process, as he treats us to the old Ric Flair spot.  Palumbo gets a two count after a flying back elbow off the top.  Referee Billy Silverman misses the Page tag and the champs go back to working him over.  DDP escapes the sleeper, slams Chuck to the mat and finally makes a tag which is seen by the official.  Nash takes it to ‘the Perfect Event’ firstly with a pair of side slams and then a pair of big boots.  He pulls down his strap, ‘jackknife’ on Stasiak while at the same time DDP catches Palumbo with a ‘Diamond Cutter’.  Cover, but Sanders pulls the referee from the ring at two, retaliation for what Nash did on Thunder.  Page with a ‘cutter’ on the floor to Sanders, Silverman re-starts his count as Nash is still covering Stasiak and we have new WCW tag team champions.

A lot better than I expected and I was very surprised at Nash’s performance here; motivated, some urgency, aggression in his offense, very un-Nash like!  I agree that they probably should’ve knocked a minute or so off the heat section and also with the comments that Palumbo, look aside, doesn’t show anywhere near as much potential as Jindrak and O’Haire.  Still, I enjoyed this one a fair bit.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-11-26-WCW-Mayhem] Kevin Nash & DDP vs Shawn Stasiak & Chuck Palumbo

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