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[2000-11-26-WCW-Mayhem] Lex Luger vs Goldberg


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Even as the biggest Luger apologist at times, it is easy to see he is cooked here. This was too high profile a match to be a complete squash but really Luger is too far done for it to be effective as a competitive match either. They could have done some stuff like Luger going for the torture rack or what not but instead it is pretty generic back and forth action until Goldberg spears Luger and the referee that Lex pulls in front of him. One jackhammer later and Goldberg is 25-0 on the new streak. *

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Luger takes offense to Pamela Paulshock asking him how the butterflies are doing.  He compares himself to Michael Jordan saying how he’s achieved everything there is but has one last crowning glory.  This is going to be Goldberg’s retirement party, he made him and now he’s going to break him.

Goldberg pops straight up from a belly to back suplex and Luger backs off into the corner, almost in disbelief at what he’s just seen.  The official gets between the two of them and Lex cheap shots his opponent, raking him across the face.  Mark Madden reminds us about the metal plate in Luger’s forearm saying how it makes every punch, every forearm hurt his opponent more than usual.  Goldberg runs into a big boot and Lex then nails him with that forearm.  He clotheslines him over the top rope to the outside before running him backwards into the guard rail.  Back inside and Goldberg reverses the Irish whip, picks Luger up and slams him to the mat.  Spear, but Lex pulls referee Mickey Jay in front of him as Goldberg ends up spearing them both.  He hits the jackhammer and replacement official Slick Johnson counts the fall.

A flat reaction to this with the crowd seemingly sat on their hands for the entire match.  Even though Lex controlled more than Goldberg and way more than most do against him, it was as though they didn’t buy him as an serious threat one bit.  Maybe that three way hurt Luger, maybe the crowd just wanted to see Goldberg run through him like he has done everyone else recently.  Either way it was a response I wasn’t expecting out of them, while I certainly wasn’t expecting to see empty seats visible either.

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