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[2000-11-27-WCW-Monday Nitro] Goldberg vs Reno


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Stills of the 3 way hardcore match and I can’t follow that angle and the developments involving Marie. Reno has the right idea taking the fight to Goldberg but he gets demolished really quickly. Goldberg powerslams Reno and the crowd goes nuts as we get a great late era WCW announce call from Tony losing his shit. Reno positions Goldberg briefly into the Roll of the Dice but Goldberg reverses and it is spear and jackhammer time for the pin. Luger attacks after the bell and racks him. I am bummed they are fighting again at Starrcade. Awesome squash with the crowd going pretty crazy for Goldberg. *** (5.8)

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Mark Madden puts over Reno’s ‘Roll the Dice’ finisher strong.  He’s not comparing him to Goldberg, although with that one move, the one second it takes to hit it, who knows maybe he can defeat him tonight?  Reno reverses the Irish whip only to get laid out by an almighty running clothesline.  Huge gorilla press slam by Goldberg.  He puts Reno over his shoulder, however he grabs Goldberg’s neck, leans backwards and has him in position for his finisher.  Goldberg powers his way out though, lifting Reno up and countering with a shoulderbreaker.  Spear, jackhammer, 26-0.  Lex Luger jumps Goldberg as he celebrates the win, nailing him in the back with a chair before racking him.

As good as I liked Luger racking Goldberg and leaving him laying, I can’t believe they’re running with this feud all the way to Starrcade now.  The ‘Gorilla press’ looked awesome and even though they’re squashes there always a nugget or too in there to enjoy.

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