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[2000-11-27-WCW-Monday Nitro] Jeff Jarrett vs Rey Mysterio Jr


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Rey’s outfit is horrendous with the overalls and devil horns. Fun action to start with Jarrett hitting a powerslam and the Animals distracting him. Rey goes for a bronco buster but Jarrett gets a boot up and the lifts Rey into orbit to a pop from the crowd. The Animals interfere some more and the crowd is confused how to react to these babyfaces blatantly interfering so much. A bit more back and forth and more interfering including face full of stuff from Tygress. Jarrett violently powerbombs Rey again off of a dive attempt and hits the stroke. That would have been enough for the pin but the Animals drag Jeff back as Tyrgress distracts Lil Naitch. Rey tries another dive and Jeff plants him with the guitar to draw the DQ. Jarrett is getting face reaction here. Ok action but I wish Rey would get rid of the Flithy Animal gimmick. **1/4

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The ‘Chosen One’ informs Konan that he’s got something in store for him after he beats his little buddy like a piñata.  Jarrett’s not paying attention to his opponent and Rey gets the jump on him at the bell.  Someone really needs to teach these women how to grab an ankle from the outside as Tygress is every bit as incapable as Midajah it would seem.  Springboard bulldog by Rey for a two.  He comes off the middle, however Jarrett catches and powerslams him to the mat.  Konnan is up on the apron and that distracts Jarrett who goes over to have words with him.  As he does so, Kidman then trips ‘Double J’ from the outside and Rey with a springboard legdrop.  Spinning heel kick but, not for the first time, Rey goes flying balls first into Jarrett’s foot when he raises it on the bronco buster.  The Filthy Animas are interfering right in front of referee Charles Robinson and he’s doing nothing about it.  Jarrett gets his knees up on the Arabian moonsault however ends up straddling himself across the middle rope.  Lionsault by Rey with Mark Madden thinking that he was trying to stab Jarrett with his horns!  Konnan is at least keeping the referee pre-occupied this time as Tygress is in for her ‘face full of stuff’ spot.  Madden wonders how Robinson has not seen any of this and how the Filthy Animals haven’t been disqualified?  For once I actually agree with him.  Jarrett counters the springboard rana with a high impact powerbomb that folds Rey up.  ‘The Stroke’ and as he makes the cover he’s pulled out to the floor by Kidman and K-Dogg who beat away on him.  I thought Robinson was again letting this go, but Tygress is using her feminine charms on Little Naitch.  Flying headscissors.  Another springboard, this time though Jarrett has grabbed his guitar which he breaks over an airborne Rey’s head for the DQ.  Yup, the Filthy Animals get away with all sorts and the first bit of rule breaking from ‘Double J’ sees him disqualified.  Kidman and Konnan get a few shots in on Jarrett post-match before he high tails it out of there.  Backstage he challenges the Animals to a six man tag match on Thunder where he’ll have a couple of partners with him to face them.

These two could have a great match away from all the bull shit and outside interference, but it was a joke how much of the latter there was taking place right in front of Robinson who ended up looking like one of the most inept referees ever.  The finish looked spectacular with the picture perfect timing of the guitar breaking over Rey’s head and even though that is clearly a disqualification it does leave a sour taste after everything else that has let go in the bout.

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