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[2000-11-27-WCW-Monday Nitro] Kevin Nash & Diamond Dallas Page vs Mark Jindrak & Sean O'Haire


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Some lame inside promos from DDP/Nash and Above Average lead to Jindrak/O’Haire charging the ring. Back and forth action and DDP/Nash not really knowing how to react to the hyper athletic style of Jindrak/O’Haire. The NBT don’t look as fresh and crisp as they have otherwise either. DDP gets a Diamond Cutter but Sanders drags the ref out. Reno/Palumbo/Stasiak beat up Insiders on the outside and the match gets thrown out. ¾*

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Nash and Page solicit Scott Hall chants with DDP bringing up the ‘survey’ and even mentioning how he once managed him.  He’s gone for good right?  Are they just trying to force management’s hand to bring him back?  Pretty unprofessional whatever they’re up to.  We get a ‘Vegas Connection’ reference and Page says how back then they sucked, before christening themselves ‘the Insiders’ and that he’s going to stick around until they bring that other ‘Outsider’ back.  Nash gives us a “too sweet” when the Wolfpac’s music starts to play, the commentators wondering “it couldn’t be, could it?”  Of course not, it’s Mike Sanders leading out the Natural Born Thrillers.  Nash jokes that the only way they can get a ‘pop’ is by coming out to their music.  Sanders accuses DDP of riding on Nash’s coat tail just like Nash was riding on theirs, and tells them not to get too comfortable with those tag titles because at Starrcade they will be defending them against Mark Jindrak & Sean O’Haire.  DDP replies that they don’t have to wait until Starrcade and the match is on right now.  Discus lariat by Page to Jindrak followed by a ‘Cactus clothesline’.  O’Haire runs up the turnbuckles and back flips over Nash, although ‘Big Sexy’ sells the shot to the gut before O’Haire connects.  Nash fires back and there’s definite aggression there at the moment, almost as if he feels he needs to put the effort in if he stands any chance of getting Hall re-hired!  O’Haire with a mule kick to DDP and he tags his partner.  Springboard clothesline by Jindrak for a two.  The Thrillers double team Page until he counters a tilt-a-whirl slam with a headscissors.  That looked great.  Discus lariat and O’Haire drops an elbow to the back of the head to break up the pin.  That brings in Nash to even things up, but very quickly he and O’Haire end up on the floor.  ‘Diamond Cutter’ on Jindrak and Sanders pulls the referee out the ring at two to stop the count.  Not only was that spot predictable, it is being used way too often at the moment.  Sanders slugs Billy Silverman but is then grabbed by Nash.  He’s about to powerbomb him on the ringside mats when he’s attacked from behind by the rest of the Thrillers (‘Perfect Event’ and Reno).  One of them clubs Nash with a baseball bat and leave ‘the Insiders’ laying as they then make off with their tag team titles.

It’s only a couple of matches but, bar the obnoxious interview and terrible name, I’m strangely enjoying ‘the Insiders’ so far.  We were clearly never getting a clean finish here with Starrcade several weeks away although, like I said, they need to ditch the ‘pull the referee out the ring’ spot or at least put it on the back burner for a bit.  I thought Page looked tremendous with his ‘Cactus clothesline’ and headscissors counter.

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