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[2000-11-27-WWF-Raw] Eddie Guerrero vs Billy Gunn


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Eddie jumps Billy at the bell and King/JR do a good job talking about the size disadvantage which is large with Billy towering over Eddie. More aggression in this match than in the previous one with tons of blows and Eddie going for the eyes and grounding Gunn. Gunn gets a nice powerslam as a hope spot after being worked over for a bit. Gunn hits a superplex and tilt a whirl slam for a nearfall. Saturn tries to interfere but Gunn punches him off the apron. Dean is out next and he trips up Billy but Eddie is hotshotted into Dean. Gunn then hits his awful new finisher to retain the title. Eddie is getting jobbed out pretty good here. Benoit attacks after the match setting up that feud. **1/4

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There’s a determined look on Eddy’s face as he looks to try and regain the Intercontinental title that he lost last week.  He doesn’t give the champion chance to settle, jumping him the moment he enters the ring.  Eddy runs into an elbow and ‘the One’ fires back at him, even getting in the face of Earl Hebner when he tries to get between the two.  Running clothesline in the corner, however Guerrero grabs Gunn by the trunks and pulls him into the turnbuckles.  Eddy’s almost maniacal in the way that he’s choking him here.  Belly to back suplex for a two count.  Some ‘Ground & Pound’ out of Eddy before he just sticks a thumb in Gunn’s eye, this mean streak he’s displaying not lost on ‘the King’.  Gunn reverses an Irish whip and catches Eddy with a scoop powerslam.  A great little superplex and now both men are down.  Tilt-a-whirl suplex, Gunn hooks the leg but Eddy kicks out.  Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko run down to the ring to try and help their fellow Radical, although their interference ends up backfiring as Gunn hot shots Eddy into Malenko who was up on the apron and then uses the ‘Love Gunn’ to retain the title, the same move that he won it with.  Chris Benoit jumps Gunn post-match and does a number on him and you can’t help but think that maybe they should’ve sent him out first rather than Saturn and Malenko!  Saturn keeps Hebner at bay as Benoit hits a diving headbutt to the helpless Gunn, Eddy then grabs the I-C belt and dumps it on his prone body, letting him have a few choice words too as the Radicalz survey the damage.

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