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[2000-11-27-WWF-Raw] The Rock vs Rikishi


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Rikishi has a nice blue long robe that probably should have been integrated with his heel turn. Too little too late. Rikish also gives a semi decent promo before the match happens. Kurt is out for commentary and this is a #1 contender match for Angle’s WWF Championship. Not much of a match but violent while it lasted. Rock gets his sternum worked over and makes a comeback including a sharpshooter. Angle utilizes the opportunity to run in with an Angle Slam giving Rock the DQ win. Pretty dumb move on Angle’s part. Rikishi again gets his heat back after the match. *

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Somehow Rikishi has been awarded a Number One contender’s match against the Rock, the winner going on to face Kurt Angle as Armageddon.  Michael Cole is clearly thinking the same as the rest of us, well me at least, saying how people don’t think he is deserving of this match.  Rikishi doesn’t care what the people think, claiming that by squashing the Rock at the Survivor Series he does deserve it (no mention of the fact that he lost that bout or that he was handily beaten twice by Steve Austin) before promising to take him out once and for all.  A

Angle joins Jim Ross and ‘the King’ at the commentary desk to get an up close view of his next challenger.  Rock is walking with a purpose, although not sprinting to the ring like he did at the Survivor Series.  Rikishi reverses an Irish whip and the thrust kick that follows floors the Rock.  A big belly to belly suplex, but it looks like Rikishi may have hurt his own knee on landing by the way he’s limping about.  He runs (hobbles) into a Rock spinebuster from where the ‘Great One’ locks in the Sharpshooter submission.  Angle leaves his position at the desk and attacks Rock for the DQ, a pretty foolish move in all honesty and it’s only when the official decision is announced does he realise what that result means.  Rikishi gets his heat back...again post-match with a sit down splash but they’re running that well dry, that’s if they haven’t already.

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