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[2000-11-29-WCW-Thunder] Jung Dragons vs Elix Skipper & Lance Storm


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Storm continues to be positioned down which is a shame as he was saddled with Demott for so long. Hayashi gets the best of Storm and Elix and then does a pretty fun Storm impersonation. FIP sequence is good enough but Elix is not going to be the breakout star it looks like they hoped. Major Gunns and Meia Leow get into a skirmish which has more heat than anything else. Kaz gets a brainbuster inside the ring as The Cat attacks Duggan trying to interfere. Jung Dragons hit a splash/legdrop combo and pick up the upset win. **1/4


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‘Old Stoneface’ needs everyone’s undivided attention.  Lance says that on Monday night they had a slight lapse in team work which resulted in a rather embarrassing defeat.  He has been assured that this won’t happen again and tonight Team Canada will function as a unit to once again dominate the United States wrestling scene.  Jim Duggan isn’t showing much respect to the Canadian national anthem, walking around the ring, and I don’t think he’s long for the group.  Yang counters the Skipper huracanrana with a powerbomb into a double leg cradle for an early two count.  These two are actually working really well together, although considering they’re both out of the Power Plant that shouldn’t really be much of a surprise.  Great arm drag take down and Kaz with a springboard kick to the back of the head.  When Lance tries to involve himself he takes care of him with a spinning kick and the Dragons then mock Team Canada which sadly doesn’t get any love.  Skipper backdrops Kaz over the top rope, and even though he lands on the apron gets caught by a Storm enziguiri that sends him back into the ring.  He kicks out of the cover as Duggan tries to get a half-hearted “Ca-na-da” chant going from the floor.  Elix crotches Kaz on the top rope and then takes him down with a rope walk rana, that was quality but this crowd are dead.  Hayashi escapes the running Ligerbomb and wipes out Skipper with a kick to the side of the head.    Hot tag to Yang who flattens Elix with a high crossbody.  ‘Matrix move’ to avoid the clothesline however he’s a bit too pleased with himself, loses his concentration and Yang dropkicks him in the back.  All four men end up in the ring and the Dragons reverse the Irish whip sending Team Canada colliding into one another.  Storm crotches Kaz upstairs and hits a lovely butterfly superplex, Yang saving his partner just in time.  Lance throws him to the outside where Major Gunns jabs him with the flagpole.  Leah Meow goes after Gunns and that gets more of a reaction than anything we have seen so far.  As Storm tries to separate the two of them, Kaz with a brainbuster on Skipper.  Combination top rope splash/senton and The Cat is out to prevent any Duggan interference as Team Canada get upset again.

Good match played before a dead crowd who only came to life when the two women started going at it.  I thought Elix Skipper looked fantastic here although Team Canada are a dying act, one that Jim Duggan never worked in.

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