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[2000-11-29-WCW-Thunder] Ron & Don Harris & Jeff Jarrett vs Rey Misterio Jr & Konnan & Billy Kidman


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Tygress is on commentary and Madden is creepy towards her. Quick match so the Animals get a lot of hot spots in early and then Harris twins do some power stuff. Rey is FIP and makes the tag to Kidman. Kidman runs through some stuff as all six men brawl. Jarrett grabs the guitar, whacks Kidman and picks up the win. *1/2

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-11-29-WCW-Thunder] Ron & Don Harris & Jeff Jarrett vs Rey Misterio Jr & Konnan & Billy Kidman
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‘The Chosen One’s’ surprise partners turn out to be Ronald and Donald, the Harris Twins.  A pier sixer to get us underway before the ring quickly clears and we’re down to Kidman and one of the brothers.  K-Dogg with an ‘X-Factor’ to Jarrett and he then makes the tag to Rey who lands a springboard guillotine legdrop.  Big Ron actually takes the quesadora bulldog, although he’s not selling for long, picking Rey up and driving him backwards into their corner.  Double spinebuster by the twins.  Running rabbit lariat followed by a spinning sidewalk slam and Kidman is in to break up the pin.  Tony Schiavone plants the seeds of some potential dissension in the Filthy Animal camp between Konnan and Rey, K-Dogg looking away and out to the crowd while Rey had his arm outstretched for a tag.  Jarrett backdrops Rey over the top rope, however he lands on the apron and then nails him with a springboard dropkick.  Hot tag to Kidman who is all over ‘Double J’ and Big Ron is forced to save his partner after a sit out powerbomb.  With the ref struggling to keep control as fights break out everywhere, Jarrett seizes the opportunity and breaks a guitar (he must have an infinite supply of them the amount he destroys!) over Kidman’s head just as he’s got Ron set for the tornado bulldog.  That gives them the win and Jarrett a bit of payback after what went down on Nitro.

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