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[2000-11-30-WWF-SmackDown] The Rock & The Undertaker vs Edge & Christian & Kurt Angle (Handicap)


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Foley has ruled the five men as #1 contenders and we have our Hell in a Cell main event set for the PPV. Pretty pedestrian set up to get to that point but I remember the Cell match being excellent so we will see if that holds up. Foley runs down all the violent things that has happened. Rock interrupts and they have their back and forth. Rock is pissed he isn’t the sole #1 contender. Austin, Taker, Rikishi & HHH get called out next and then Foley announces the Cell stip. I thought Foley did a good job intertwining all the stories between these men. Angle then comes out and says it is unfair. Foley announces that if anyone gets physical tonight, they will lose their shot. HHH gets a dig in at Kurt and then reminds Foley that he retired his ass in a Hell in a Cell. Steph comes out next and HHH informs the crowd that tonight is their 1 year anniversary. They invite all the competitors to the party.

Backstage we see the anniversary party as HHH dispatches Harvey to stand guard and inform HHH of any surprises that show up. Next, HHH gives Steph a gift and gets scared when Harvey brings in champagne. HHH gives Steph a platinum tennis bracelet. Not a bad gift. Harvey barges in and says a guy is wanting to come in and is ticked off. In walks Benoit. Benoit offers his services to kick Austin’s ass as an anniversary gift. Angle comes in next to talk to Steph. Angle says he was kidding about having Steph in his corner. He asks for her help at the PPV. Steph says right now she has to take care of her husband. Kurt gets a hug but then HHH comes out of the bathroom and that turns into a handshake. Trish is next wishing both a happy anniversary. Test soon follows and says that Steph is just HHH’s puppet. I love how Steph still calls him Andrew. Steph has a gift for HHH as Rikishi comes in. Rikishi says at HIAC its every man for himself but they agree to team up to kick ass first. Lillian interviews Angle & E&C. Not much of note except that E&C are going to take out Kurt’s PPV opponents. The cake is being delivered and he is wearing a Stone Cold camo hat which makes HHH wig out.

Tag match starts and the storyline interweaving throughout is whether Rock and Taker can coexist. Taker dominates E&C to start. Angle is able to German Taker in a great looking spot and they take over on offense for a bit. Angle clubs away on Taker on the outside. I continue to love Rock cheering for the tag on the apron and Taker does well at selling the damage here hobbling around. Great hot tag to Rock and he cleans house before getting Christian with a Rock Bottom. Angle breaks up the pin and Taker chases after him. Edge slams a chair on Taker and Angle hits the Olympic Slam on Rock. That gets a close nearfall as Hebner was on the outside reprimanding Edge. Taker is back and now begging for the tag. Tags are made to Angle and Taker and Taker cleans house on Angle. Chokeslam from Taker and he hits the Last Ride to get the pinfall victory. Good tag match leading to the PPV. ***1/4 (6.3)

Backstage we get one final look in to HHH & Steph. HHH turns the lights off and we see a brawl ensue. We then get a clip of Harvey on the outside and Austin taps him on the shoulder and laughs. Austin comes in and we see HHH beating up Vince. A hokey gameplan from HHH but a fun payoff on the vignettes.

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