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[1950-05-23-Kohler Chicago] Gorgeous George vs Cyclone Anaya

paul sosnowski

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Gorgeous George vs Cyclone Anaya - Chicago 5/23/50

It is amazing that we have The Human Orchid on tape and this is definitely something I have wanted to see for a while. I implore all wrestling fans to watch this as you can see Goregous George is a template heel. He is lustily booed upon introductions and he just has the mannerisms and accoutrements of the gimmick down pat that all the generations of those aping his style after the fact could have learned a thing or two from 'ol Georgie from his pre-match routine. 

First Fall: I have watched Cyclone against Thesz and Rogers and he had a couple humdingers with those two. So I am thinking I would lay the blame of this pedestrian start on Georgie. Just a lot of sitting in holds for 15 minutes. The best part of the first half by far was Anaya mussing up Georgie's immaculate hair that got a good rise out of George, the crowd and myself. I was hoping for a more gimmick-y match. George broke up a headlock with a closed fist to the gut, used the hair to maintain a hammerlock and worked a leglock using the ropes. Standard for our day, but dramatic cheating back then. In all honestly, I found Thesz's roughhousing against Ruffy to be far more engrossing and heated. The crowd did not like George. In the hammerlock, Russ gets a bit too clever for me wishing for a different view of George's "-terior" namely his "an- not pos-". It could have worked, but it was too cute. Russ definitely understood the George gimmick and did a good job playing it up. Russ days both men's legs are gimmicked so he sounds like a 21st century wrestling fan. Anaya worked a long Indian Deathlock and George worked a leg lock. As the first half came to a close Anaya was working the armstretcher as George was trying to kip out and bridge to avoid being pinned. Lets see if the second half of the first fall picks up...George does a very comical at an attempt to escape the armstretcher. Kayfabe died in 1950, folks, get over it. :P

George's escape is pretty anti-climatic and reverses into his own armstretcher which does not last long. George goes for noogies. George does the headlock/closed fist gimmick. Anaya has had enough! He gives him a taste of his own medicine! Hell Yeah! Ref breaks it up. Great selling here by George perfect heel, crybaby selling while Anaya is fighting through the pain like a man. Anaya lays into George now, nice fire. Monkey Flip thats called a Monkey Rip by Russ, dig it. Like that spot here. After all this piss 'n' vinegar from Anaya, George takes the fall after two wicked headlock RIPS! He really did RIP him down. Got better down the stretch. 

Second Fall: Customarily in 2/3 Falls in the 70s/80s, the second fall is the shortest fall and they keep with tradition. Even though, George won the fall, he looks the worse for wear selling the damage from the long-armstretcher. That becomes the focus of Anaya who pounds on it and uses various armbars, wristlocks and hammerlocks on the bad wing of Georgie. George works a half-crab, but does not get much else in the way of offense. Anaya starts wringing Georgie's neck violently. George bumps & sells so well. George figures a good offense is a good defense and RIPS Anaya down, but Anaya will not be stopped. It is Anaya's famed Cobra Twist (aka Abdominal Stretch) with a neck wring for the submission victory. Red hot finish there. 

Third Fall: Short & sweet. Anaya CRACKS George with a slap due to all his posturing. George's response is take down into a front chancery. A little fight from ol Georgie. Anaya comes up with the Cobra Twist but George is in the ropes and it is a closed fist there. They do a little King of the Mountain with George shoving Anaya over the top and blasting him on the way in. Second time, Anaya snapmares George over the top rope to a big pop and it is the All Japan double countout finish. 

The first half is dry working holds, but they ratchet up the heat and intensity down the stretch, not as good as the Thesz or Rogers matches. Still it is Gorgeous George if you are a wrestling fan you simply must watch! ***1/4

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