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Matches From 1967


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Giant Baba v Gene Kiniski - JWA 08/14/67

Another really strong Baba match that I've never heard all that much about. Someone should really comp Baba, as I think it would do a lot for his reputation, and maybe convert a few people that just don't seem to get him. Kiniski is good in this match, but I was more impressed with Baba's fire and it seemed like he was actually calling spots in this match at times, which is weird considering the heel is usually in that role. A shade better than the Fritz match because there's more wrestling, but it escalates into a brawl which is also really well done, as the whole build is about tempers eventually flaring. Great match!


Giant Baba v Bruno Sammartino - JWA 03/02/67

I like Bruno just fine, but this match was disappointing to me, and it really wasn't because of Baba so much as it was that Bruno seemed disconnected from the match and didn't really want to do much. Not really much of a showing here, and they'd have a far better match the next year. This largely bored me. I'm still including it on my list so it's known that I've watched it, but I don't recommend that everyone else run out and watch it too.

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