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[2018-08-17-RevPro-Summer Sizzler] WALTER vs Tomohiro Ishii


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A dream match that I didn't expect to happen, but never say never I suppose as this match tore the house down. Two very physical behemoths finally collided in the UK of all places, but that didn't stop either man from tearing each other apart. Even though Ishii was coming off a very exhausting G1, he didn't phone it in at all and gave a great performance that you would expect from Ishii. WALTER was very good here too as his chops resonated throughout the building multiple times. None of the chops from Ishii even came close to sounding as loud as WALTERs. I was hoping for a future WALTER vs Suzuki matchup, but that will be the next dream match I hope eventually happens, ****1/2.

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Yeah, this match rules. WALTER has been on fire this year playing the big bully Western European everywhere he's been and this is no different. He puts a brutal beating on Ishii and totally blasts him with nasty chops. That corner spot where WALTER stepped on his neck and bent Ishii's spin in half was brutal. Something with Ishii's comeback didn't click with me, but luckily they didn't go into overkill 2.99 finisher kickouts and they just wrapped up. Fun match.

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