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2018-08-21-DDT-Road to Ryogoku


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Dramatic Dream Team
Road to Ryogoku on DDT Universe
Aired August 21, 2018 (Taped August 18, 2018)
Nagoya, Japan

No review yet.

  1. T2Hide (Kazuki Hirata, Sanshiro Takagi & Toru Owashi) vs Alex Ace, KUDO & Nobuhiro Shimatani
  2. DAMNATION (Mad Paulie & Soma Takao) vs Keisuke Ishii vs Yuki Ueno
  3. Keisuke Okuda vs Yuki Iino
  4. Kazusada Higuchi, Masahiro Takanashi & Mizuki vs Akito, Cherry & Makoto Oishi
  5. Antonio Honda vs Konaka
  6. RENEGADES (Jason Kincaid, Ryan Davidson & Shigehiro Irie) vs HARASHIMA, Kouki Iwasaki & Yukio Sakaguchi
  7. DAMNATION (Daisuke Sasaki & Tetsuya Endo) vs MAO & Mike Bailey

Bold matches are PWO recommended.

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