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2018-02-18-A-1-Keep the Dream Alive


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Alpha-1 Wrestling
Keep the Dream Alive
February 18, 2018
Hamilton, Ontario

No review yet.

  1. A-1 Zero Gravity Title: Shane Sabre (c) vs Alex Daniels
  2. Brubaker vs Space Monkey vs Kody Lane vs Pat Monix vs Matt Knicks vs Steve Brown
  3. Eddie Kingston vs Brett Michael David
  4. A-1 Tag Team Titles: Western Med Connection (Dr. Daniel C Rockingham & Jim Nye) (c) vs Anthony Greene & Gregory Iron vs Meme Team (Eric Cairnie & Jesse Beiber)
  5. SWE Heavyweight Title, Elimination Match: Ethan Page (c) vs Kobe Durst vs Josh Briggs vs Mark Wheeler
  6. No DQ: Josh Alexander vs Abyss
  7. A-1 Alpha Male Title: Rickey Shane Page (c) vs Alessandro Del Bruno

Bold matches are PWO recommended.

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Subscribe to watch on Powerbomb.tv

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