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[2018-08-21-BJW-Masahito Kakihara Produce] Hideki Suzuki vs Daisuke Nakamura


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Great shoot-style match with Hideki bringing his heavy, aggressive grappling and Nakamura the slick maneuvering and takedowns. I love how Hideki bulldogs his opponents into a corner. He throws a nice belly-to-belly suplex and when they're the mat, he's grabbing limbs and trying to hurt Nakamura. Nakamura uses a rope break to avoid the German and manages to take Hideki to the ropes with his single leg takedown into the cross heel hold, and then with the armbar takedown into the armbar. Hideki's too much for him though and in the end, in true UWF fashion, Hideki KOs him with a German suplex>dragon suplex combo. 

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Daisuke Nakamura is an MMA fighter who fights like a UWF wrestler in his real fights. He is really good at pro wrestling and it's always a threat to see him pop up on a random card to work shootstyle. This was quite the good big bullish wrestler vs. lighter, skilled grappler type match. Most importantly the whole thing felt highly competitive and they established the story of the match in the first minute when Suzuki just rushes him into the corner and throws him. Seconds later Nakamura would go for the ropes to avoid another suplex. Also loved the rolling armbar sequence and Nakamuras confidence on the mat. Shame about the brevity, but the exchanges were high end and they pushed all the right buttons.

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