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[2005-03-05-NOAH-Navigation for Evolution 2005] Kenta Kobashi vs Takeshi Rikio

Vinnie B

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They blow their load early with some bombs and brawling. Whether they were gassed after that, or the just didn't have a lot of ideas, they trundle along without doing much for the next 20 minutes. Still, they do a few interesting things in this time to keep my attention. I love spots on the ramp, but my word, going out just for a move on the ramp five times is a bit too much. They come back firing for the finish, with Kobashi unloading but unable to put the challenger away, followed by some heavy powerbombs and slams dropping Kobashi on his head. Your mileage may vary on this match, and it probably wasn't the way to end Kobashi's epic run, but it was pretty good. ****

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  • GSR changed the title to [2005-03-05-NOAH-Navigation for Evolution 2005] Kenta Kobashi vs Takeshi Rikio

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