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[2005-02-28-WWE-Raw] Shawn Michaels vs Edge (Street Fight)

Vinnie B

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I always thought Edge's heel run sucked until the Lita/Matt Hardy and Rated-R stuff, and this supports that view: the crowd goes mild.

Holy shit Michaels bleeds a gusher. Not quite Eddie vs. JBL levels, but not far off. There's a lot of botches at the beginning, which I don't usually care about but it really disrupted the flow of the match, but it get a lot better and more dramatic. They move quite slowly, just going between big spots without much in between. Yet it actually makes quite a refreshing change of pace - there's no big nearfalls until the finish, and most of the spots make sense, especially Michaels throwing a ladder at Edge's head. He also clobbers Edge with a ridiculously hard chairshot to the head. Very much a product of its' time, but a pretty enjoyable one. *** 3/4

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They wore such shitty clothes to the street fight. Why wear identical outfits? This was a typical WWF street fight match involving chairs, ladders and a kendo stick (looked more like a pool cue to me.) Michaels deserves credit (not sure if that's the right word) for blading so hard for a TV match. There was a sick chair shot towards the end that was absolutely hellacious and then a bunch of hammy crap, but Michaels' bladejob made it stand out from other TV matches. 

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