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[1990-03-08-FMW] Atsushi Onita & Sambo Asako vs Lee Gak Soo & Kim Sung Ha


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I LOVE PRO WRESTLING! Pretty much what you want from your wrestler vs. martial artist spectacle. Short wild match with no downtime or filler, just Onita and Asako absorbing crazy Hong Kong movie flying kicks from the Kung Fu boys, occasionally you get a fat guy suplex or forearm smash to the face before the other Kung Fu boy will run in and jump on somebodys face to make a safe. You also get Onita killing the skinny koreans with powerbombs, and you can't tell what the finish going to be. Also loved the Jackie Chan spot where Sambo pulls the other guys Kung Fu jacket over his head and helps set up the powerbomb. A MILLION STARS!!

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-03-08-FMW] Atsushi Onita & Sambo Asako vs Lee Gak Soo & Kim Sung Ha

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