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[2012-05-04-DDT] Kota Ibushi vs El Generico


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Generico is a weird wrestler to me because in the few matches of his that I've seen, you can tell he's very technically proeficient for the style he works (I remember him saving Isami Kodaka from certain death in their September 2011 match) but I don't particularly care for any of them. The section where he repeatedly dumps Ibushi out of the ring here is probably the most interested I've been in him so far. However, I think that only comes about because something went wrong, Generico was yelling at people ringside while Ibushi struggled to get back in. For two wrestlers who generally do complex spots fairly easily, this match is kind of a mess. There's a funny moment in which Ibushi fucks up a huracanrana from the top rope, so he fucking thuds into the floor and he just pops back up to the apron, gives Generico a thumbs up, and hits the move.

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