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The Dawn of War


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The Dawn of WAR

The year is 1995 and there are two superpowers of professional wrestling in  North America. The WWF and WCW are about to go head to head on Monday Nights when WCW decides to throw a big counterpunch and debut Monday Nitro on September the 4th. We take you to that time in which these two heavyweights are throwing body blows to wear the other out… however there is now a third fighter in the mix… ECW. Paul Heyman and Todd Gordon have really built a following with a group of wrestlers who are turning heads with powerful stories, powerful wrestling, and even more powerful risks every time they step into the ring. With this power, ECW has thrust itself into the limelight and the Big 3 has been credited with starting a boom in wrestling scene in late 1995 that will carry the sports entertainment world through the rest of the decade. The Big 3 are looking to make moves against one another and try to outdo each in this fight for wrestling supremacy… but wait right there… a 4th promotion has made an appearance. Dusty Rhodes has left WCW to consolidate the power of the National Wrestling Alliance with the backing of a major Hollywood big shot who thinks that the wrassling game is ready to take things to a new level and the National Wrestling Alliance has been reborn and headquartered in Los Angeles, California!


As with most things in life… change is inevitable and with the Dawn of War, each promotion has dug stakes in to try and put together a roster and promotion to rival the other. With that there was a huge bidding war for all the major stars in North America with these four promotions gaining the contracts of some of their rivals and and resigning some of their major talent. The fall out was that a number of individuals found new homes and would be working elsewhere and due to that news we have a completely different landscape of professional wrestling in the fall of 1995.


Tune in to find out the ins and outs of the WWF, WCW, ECW, and the NWA as they fight for supremacy in the world of wrestling and see who has a new home and if those new homes will be the right place for these talents to climb to higher heights than ever before!

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