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[2006-06-03-DDT] Milano Collection A.T. vs Kota Ibushi


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Part of Ibushi's trial series, which also included matches against Ikuto Hidaka, TAKA Michinoku and camo Daisuke Ikeda. The other matches (TAKA and Ikeda) that I saw from this series were by and large squashes, with Ibushi getting almost no offense outside very brief hope spots and losing fairly quickly. This is better than the previous ones because I like Milano's weird offense so much and partly because the hope spots are better. Ibushi stops selling the leg which Milano had worked over early on halfway through, which he always does but it bothers me enough to point it out. The way Milano sells one of Ibushi's high kicks was dope. The best part of the match was Milano moving away from Ibushi's dives, which set up the double moonsault. The crowd isn't yet as into Ibushi as they'd be later on but they get behind his comeback. Finish fell flat, but overall a good match.

There's also someone with a BAPE shirt on in the front row.

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