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Vinnie B

[2005-04-04-WWE-Raw] Edge vs Chris Benoit

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Odd to see a post-Mania crowd act...normal. This was a very smart, very snug match. Benoit, with an injured arm and stitched up eye, gets taken apart by Edge. As soon as he notices Benoit is really selling his arm, he focuses on the body part throughout almost the entire match, never really deviating. Benoit can't put the crossface on properly because of it, and his repeated attempts to put it on play into the match. Benoit's chops really aren't that good, which is a shame because that's some of the only offense he can convincingly do in this match. It would have made more sense for Edge to win given his MITB win and his cerebral character, rather than a Benoit roll-up, but it gave a basis to the post-match attack and return match. I'm looking forward to that. A really basic match executed very well. *** 3/4

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