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[2010-07-24-DDT-Peter Pan] Daisuke Sekimoto vs HARASHIMA


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Sumo Hall main event for Sekimoto's KOD title. HARASHIMA is cornered by Poison Sawada Julie, Owashi and a few other DDT wrestlers.

I liked this but I had a problem with how despite both being good technical wrestlers, they don't mesh too well in that area because of the size difference. There's a pretty good moment when Sekimoto gets a single leg boston crab and they really milk it despite HARASHIMA being about 50 centimeters away from the ropes, which plays on Sekimoto being much bigger, but in general I found the early portion lacking. The match gets better once HARA gets an opening and starts doing dives and strikes. Sekimoto halts the momentum by blocking a somato on the ramp and then hitting a vertical suplex. HARASHIMA sells really well for Sekimoto's various suplexes and throws, which are fantastic to watch. The mandatory Sekimoto headbutt exchange wasn't so much but the rest of the finishing sequence is pretty hype, with HARA doing a million somatos and the crowd (and me!) loving it.

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