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[2018-08-31-Takayamania] Shuji Ishikawa & HARASHIMA & Yuji Hino vs SUWAMA & Ryota Hama & Kazusada Higuchi


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Very fun match from beginning to end, all of the matchups in this are interesting and a few turn out great. HARASHIMA and SUWAMA start with some quick grappling but the match really starts with Ishikawa and Hama. Any matchup in which Shuji is the smaller guy is interesting. Hama is very fun to watch throughout this. The other two, Hino and Higuchi, chop the fuck out of each other. There's a lot of shit going on at times and Hino kind of holds it all together by coming in and chopping people. There's a great moment where Hino goes to knock Higuchi and Hama off the apron and Hama decides to not move at all, so Hino stands there looking confused for a second before SUWAMA elbows him or something. Hama versus Hino is incredible, best part of the match. Ishikawa tags in and finally gets Hama down with a lariat. I think he was supposed to do a piledriver to Hama but he understandably decides not to and HARA and Higuchi tag back in.

At first it felt like they missed the perfect ending then, HARASHIMA does a superplex to Higuchi to almost no reaction, but they get the crowd back into it shortly afterwards by having the whole other team beat up HARASHIMA. After he does a somato to Hama, him and Higuchi have a pretty good finishing sequence. 

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  • GSR changed the title to [2018-08-31-Takayamania] Shuji Ishikawa & HARASHIMA & Yuji Hino vs SUWAMA & Ryota Hama & Kazusada Higuchi

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