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[2005-01-15-ROH-It All Begins] Bryan Danielson vs Homicide (Submission)

Vinnie B

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They have a great, intense brawl through the crowd to begin, really laying it in. The camera cuts and I'm not sure exactly what happened. The kayfabe reason was the intensity of the brawl escalated and Julius Smokes cut the camera, but I get the feeling it got a bit rough and the crowd got too involved so they had to stop. Anyway, they come back to the ring for a more standard submission match. My main issue was that none of the submissions carried much drama. Even Danielson tapping out (which would seem huge now) was rather flat. I mean, it's executed very well and is still a good match, but I think they have much better in them. *** 1/2

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I was also confused by what happened at the beginning. Things seemed to get out of hand with some fans, and they cut to Cornette cutting a promo on Bobby Heenan. This was a decent, hard-hitting bout. I dig Danielson's new look. They actually went ahead and did a Best of Five with each match having a different stipulation. Looks like it took them until May to complete the series. The booking here was fairly simple with Homicide beating Danielson at his own match, playing off the injury Danielson had suffered at the end of their last match where the Rottweilers tried to break his arm. Danielson demanded a taped fist match after the bout before stomping on Homicide's head. 

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