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Roddy Piper's tryouts and Uncensored 1997


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Pro Wrestling Only is proud to now house the "Who Booked This?" podcast. Each week, Steven Graham and JR Goldberg take a look at pro wrestling's most irreverent and bizarre matches and moments. In this episode, the Golden Grahams are here to talk about the moment when Roddy Piper ceased to be over in WCW, a.k.a. the night Piper had tryouts for family to compete at Uncensored 1997. They'll discuss that in full in all of it's insanity, including words from Stevie Ray about how John Tenta felt about the whole thing.
They will follow that up with a look at the main event of Uncensored 1997, which is utterly bizarre, but has an AMAZING ending.
Have thoughts on the show? Please share them here at the Pro Wrestling Only forums! You can also join the official "Who Booked This?" club.
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