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[2014-06-29-DDT] KUDO vs Isami Kodaka


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King of DDT final. I really like KUDO. He's a decent grappler and all his strikes are thrown like a real kickboxer. So he has pretty great punches but they look really tight, rather than like the big haymakers of all your favorite brawlers. His kicks are even better. And he actually stands in a boxing stance if need be, I like shit like that. Kodaka is someone who wins me over everytime by either doing crazy shit or just playing face, and he does here. He's always pretty over by just taking a beating any way he can. It's cool. I did think the structure here was pretty rote, with an outside brawl that just sort of happens before they climb back into the ring. There's a nice moment where KUDO tries to climb the ropes and Kodaka climbs them to superplex him. And then KUDO throws him off but before he can do a dive or something, Kodaka gets up and climbs again. And KUDO throws him off again and again. Eventually, Kodaka finally gets him in position for the superplex, but KUDO escapes and lands safely. So there's really no huge payoff for that but i thought that built nicely and they still hold your interest really well until the ending. Good match, especially the second half.

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