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[2014-08-31-Union Pro] Hikaru Sato vs Shuji Ishikawa


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Union Pro title match. Sato struggling to keep Ishikawa down was fantastic throughout. Sato's selling when he gets thrown outside or whenever Ishikawa gets a suplex is fantastic.  Most of the match is very slow and methodical, they get the most out of even things like Sato blocking a powerbomb.  Sato rolls out of the ring twenty minutes in and Ishikawa starts really dominating him. Sato is hurt by every strike Ishikawa throws but he has this nice desperation takedown into a kimura. Unfortunately for him, Ishikawa picks him up while in the kimura and piledrives him. Sato gets a guillotine choke and tries to pin Ishikawa but he kicks out, he follows with a suplex and Shuji still kicks out and then he tries the armbar but Ishikawa stacks it and slams him. Having thrown everything at him, Sato just defends for the rest of the match. Ishikawa gets the splash mountain with seconds left, but he can't get the pin before the time limit. Sato keeps the belt with the draw and the ending with him refusing overtime to get a winner is very good. Incredible match, Sato is outstanding in it.

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